Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caution! R-Rated post!!!

Fuck you Jim Hendry. Fuck you, fuck your mother, and fuck your dog. Bounce balls off your fucking chin, you worthless piece of cock sucking dog shit. This is the pretty little bow on your dismal clusterfucking failure of an offseason.

Headline: Cardinals Acquire Mark DeRosa

That's right. Mark DeRosa is now sleeping with the enemy, and more importantly, the Cardinals are about to bend you over a fucking rail and make you their bitches.

Just so we're clear - you traded away the most versatile player in the NL for three pitching prospects. Then, the team you traded him to traded him to our fucking rivals.

Fuck you Jim Hendry. Fuck you hard, fuck you long, and fuck you good. And by the way - ANYONE who even thinks about applauding for DeRo when he comes back here wearing red - fuck you even harder. It was fun to cheer when you only had to see him three games and then he could go rot in obscurity. He's a fucking Cardinal now, so all of you people even thinking about putting left hand to right hand better just sit down and shut the fuck up.

Jim Hendry - you better hope this team gets its shit together and makes it to the postseason, or you will be the most hated man in Chicago.

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The CyberWeasel said...

that had to take more than 1 minute to type. I know it's been festering for quite a while.