Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pack Your Bags, Kids - There's No More Room For Us Here

According to Joe Cowley that is. You don't know who that is? Not surprising, he's the beat writer for the second baseball team in Chicago. But according to him, the White Sox are not the second team any more. No according to him, this is a Sox town now. ORLY? Yes a Sox town. Here's his proof -

1. The Sox were on Survivor.
2. The Cubs sell more tickets than the Sox.
3. The Sox MIGHT do okay this year with basically the same team, only no closer.

Wait what?



According to Joe.

No Shit?

No shit.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Is Albert Worth It?

So here's a question Cubs fans - Is Albert worth it? Albert Pujlos is reportedly going to test the free agent market after this season, since his deadline for extension negotiations doesn't seem likely. If he hit's the open market, several journalists on a local and national level have targeted the Cubs as potential suitors - and they're not wrong.

With Fukudome and Ramirez money coming off the books following 2011, the Cubs could potentially pay Pujols what he wants - reportedly 30 mil per year for 10 years - and not add too much onto current payroll. But do we want to?

Albert Pujols will be 32 years old next year, arguably by most measures "about to leave his prime". A 10 year contract will make him a 42 year old earning 30 million dollars, undoubtedly with a no trade clause. If Jim Hendry negotiates the deal, he might be making more on a back loaded contract. So is a 42 year old worth $30 million.

I would argue that Pujols at 75-80 percent is better than a lot of guys at 100. There's a lot to take in here, so I'll just start the ball rolling with this post. Feel free to comment, chime in. This will not be the last post about this - I guarantee it. Unless of course he signs and extension. In which case never mind.