Sunday, August 31, 2008

Marshall to start...

Oh least we split the series...Hopefully Z comes back strong - he did after his DL stint. So far the games' been less-than-impressive for Marshall. We're not getting much out of him today, so let's hope that bullpen is feeling nice and fresh.

Stay tuned.

Magic Number

Magic Number: 22
Home Games Left: 10
Road Games Left: 16
Total games left: 26
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 16

Friday, August 29, 2008


And he sucks donkey balls...

Random Thought

Rickie Weeks is my new crash test blog dummy.

Top ten ways to spot a band wagon jumper...

10. Ask them who was the starting center fielder for Day 1 - Felix Pie baby... yeah...
9. Mention how you can't believe the Cubs have been in first place all season...WRONG!
8. Comment on how Lilly really needs to get back to first half form to make a real push for the playoffs...Um yeah...we really need him to get that ERA back up to 5 1/2.
7. Brag about how we crushed the Nationals in their own ballpark...2 of 3 - LOST
6. Boast about Fukudome's game winning homer in the home opener...Trick question - he only tied the score...lost in 10.
5. Talk about that long losing streak in May and how the Cubs are just one more away from losing the whole thing...Cubs didn't lose 3 in a row until Tampa Bay. Haven't lost more than 4 in a row all season.
4. Bring up how bad the Brewers defense and bull pen are and this is why they'll never catch us...Ok, this is actually true and REALLY fun to talk about!
3. Ask where if they saw the game in Japan...Maybe, like 4 years ago!
2. I actually ran out of good ideas around #6...but it seemed like a fun thing to do...
1. Ask them if they're going to try for Wrigley WS tickets for Games 1 and 2, when they can get off to a good start, or 6 and 7 when they can finish it off...Then smack them when they answer...

Ok, I'l ladmit it...some of these sucked...but then, so does Rickie Weeks.

Here's something to ponder...

So, your favorite band puts out a new CD. You run to the store, slap the cash on the counter, and run to your car. You pop the CD in, listen to the first track. Killer. Second. Awesome. Third. YES! Fourth. Hot! Fifth.. WTF? What is THIS song doing on here? I mean. I guess it's ok, but....but...huh??? But you listen to it, and the next and the next and the next. I call this the "Nothing Else Matters" syndrome, and it's horrible to experience...

Same thing with the Cubs this year. You gotta take the massive upside, with the minor downside. Soriano's defense. Theriot's and Johnson's occasional base running hiccups. Whatever. Just gotta run with it man. Hands down, this is the best team in the NL, possibly in baseball. Take Soriano. Worst left field defense since Alou. But his jack wins the game today.

Yes, they do have flaws. It'd frankly be boring if they didn't. Just gotta roll with it kiddies. All the way to the ticker tape parade...

One for the minute, two for the show...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 22
Home Games Left: 11
Road Games Left: 16
Total games left: 27
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 17 - Thanks Lance

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gotta change my shorts...

So I'm down...Dangit...Hamels is dealin'. We're done tonight. I started organizing books. That's right...ORGANIZING BOOKS with the game on in the background. Fontenot blasts one, so goody we're only down by two. Then A-Ram. Or should I say A-Slam. wanna talk about DeRosa, Soto, whoever. A-Ram is C-L-U-T-C-H clutch. I mean, I'm happy with a Sac fly. That's probably what he was trying to do. But dang. Dempster didn't have it tonight, but he's off the hook. Woody comes in, and gets a weak popper to A-Ram. Done. Sold. Start Packing. We're outta here.

It's just amazing. The Cubs are NEVER out of the game. Ever. down by 10, up by 1. It's never done.

So Kaplan's on the air saying go all in. Oh I am. All in, including my watch and car title. Have been all season. The cards are on the table and I'm reaching forward for the chips. The first couple games, I'll admit, I was skeptical. But since then, and really every year since 2000, I have been all in. All Cubs, All the time.

Now that's a lot of minutes.

Magic Number

Magic Number: 23
Home Games Left: 12
Road Games Left: 16
Total games left: 28
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 19

That's right...we're in the teens...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 24
Home Games Left: 13
Road Games Left: 16
Total games left: 29
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 20

There are three guarantees in life:
Bad Boo-hoo Crew Bullpen

Marquis was on...

So yesterday, Marquis pitched a great solid game. Which is a pleasant surprise. I've said before, I don't expect much from a Jason Marquis outing. I still don't. He pitched a great game - as did Zach Duke, surprisingly. I'm not all of a sudden on the Marquis bandwagon though. In my mind he still doesn't make the post-season roster. But he gets a full share and full credit for anything that happens there. He's a #5 starter, which is funny because he'd be a #3 or 4 on a lot of other teams. But he's basically done what a five starter should do. Eat innings and win half of the games.

Now Philly comes in. Howard looks like he's starting to wake up. Rollins is rolling, and hello Jayson Werth. Happy learned how to hit. uh-oh. The Cubs have won 9 straight series, and now to win this one, they'll need 3. That kinda sucks, because as of now, I don't expect that to happen. I'm thinking it'll probably be a split. But you never know...

Let's show this prehistoric minute how we do things downtown...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Magic Number

Magic Number: 26
Home Games Left: 13
Road Games Left: 17
Total games left: 30
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 21

how do you spell Soto?

M - V - P. Not that I think he's going to get it. But, and especially after this last week or so, he's definitely part of the conversation... 7 RBI tonight, including two bases clearing doubles. That's clutch. The pitching wasn't there tonight. Another shaky outing for Z. Thank goodness August is over soon.

The Boo-hoo Crew humiliated the Cards tonight, driving yet another nail into the coffin that is their season. However, the really bad schedule is coming up. A ton of road games and IIRC, all the rest of the games after tomorrow are against over .500 teams. That's scary, but I believe the Cubs can start booking some hotels until well into October.

That's another minute that splits the gap.

Designate THIS..

Nice -

"The pitchers' spot, No. 9, was hitting better (.227-8-52) than four American League teams -- Kansas City (.226), the Los Angeles Angels (.226), Baltimore (.225) and Oakland (.218).",CST-SPT-csep26.article

That's just awesome...:D

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wakey Wakey Fukudome

Is he back ladies and gentlemen? Maybe...a 3 hit performance tonight. Finally got out of the slump (It's not a srump - that's not racist - It's a quote from MR. Baseball, Tom Selek). Turns out Piniella knows how to hit. Also turns out I've been spelling Piniella's name wrong for a couple months now..:)

So Fuku is no longer slumping. At least for the last two games. Still a BIT premature to think he'll be back to early season form, but gawd what a lineup if he is...I'm really interested to see where this goes the next couple of days...

And by the way - Take THAT Karstens!

Side note: A.J. - smart baseball move. the ump bought it. Good for you. Bush league? Yes. Winning baseball? YES. What ever it takes boys. whatever it takes. Still think you're scum, but man you got some baseball brains in there...

That was supposed to be a minute, but I flopped on my butt and turned it into a triple.

Magic Number

Magic Number: 27
Home Games Left: 13
Road Games Left: 18
Total games left: 31
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 23

Magic Number

Magic Number: 28
Home Games Left: 13
Road Games Left: 19
Total games left: 32
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 24

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ok seriously...who is this Gonzo dude that MLB is pushing. He's got some blog at and he's smiling at his computer like he's watching porn or something. Is this the best Dane Cook replacement they could find? I mean seriously - you took a step back.

Homie's blog is just so much drivel written by MLB's marketing department. Are we supposed to pretend that this little dork-faced schmuck is ACTUALLY blogging about this crap? Please MLB - stop insulting our intelligence. This dude posed from some pictures, made a commercial or two, and is currently chilling in Bermuda watching bikinis, not fastballs.

A minute for ye...

Now THAT'S more like it.

Now THAT'S how we're supposed to b-slap the GNats. Missed the last couple of innings, but I got the gist of it. Very sweet victory. Would've been sweeter had we not just had our collective a$$es handed to us the day before, but hey stuff happens.

Wish I had more to say about this, but I'm saving it for the next minute...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hey Chicago What do you say...

...the Cubs are gonna lose to the worst team in baseball...

Ok, I get it, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, but Marquis/bullpen made these guys look like the Yankess - before they sucked.

Didn't watch, but listened while at work, which is BTW, worse. Lee hit a home run, first in 51 games. Woo Hoo. DeRosa's, well, geez, DeRosa's been downright awesome in the recent past. Just too bad the pitching staff
got caught with their pants down, standing on top of a building, with a camera and jumbotron pointing right at their pimpled backsides...

But wait there's more - Milwaukee's playing the Braves and the Cards play Pittsburgh...GREAT.

Willis hits a long fly ball, and this is a grand minute...

Oh and by the way...

Best record in Baseball...again...

ESPN - you can have your Yankees and Red Sox. We all know...

Live in denial ESPN.

Eastern Seaboard Propaganda Network.

Magic Number

Magic Number: 30
Home Games Left: 16
Road Games Left: 19
Total games left: 35
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 27

Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Series thoughts...Part Chetire

Cubs vs. White Sox and why I like our chances.

The White Sox live and die with the home run. They have the slowest lineup in baseball, which includes amateur and geriatric leagues. And they're to say the least, inconsistent. when I last heard, the Sox are 6-36 in games where they do not hit a home run. Their outfield defense is questionable, while their infield is pretty tight. They're getting bitten by the injury bug left and right, which is probably the result of decaying body parts by some of the mummies they're propping up at home plate. Crede and Konerko are a sneeze and an 0-fer away from being benched the rest of the season.

Their dangerous hitters are Thome, Quentin and Dye. The Cubs dangerous hitters are Soraino, Theriot, Lee, Ramirez, Soto...well, you get the point.

The Cubs pitching staff is composed of strikeout pitchers - you can't hit home runs if you can't hit the ball. Only Lilly and Marquis would be considered "fly ball" pitchers. Plus, in October, the wind blows in. Base hits and doubles will win the game and with the Sox outfield, that's a LOT of doubles. The Cubs in the second half have proven they can hit on the road. If it comes to it, and neither team is a lock by any stretch, I say Cubs in 5.

Sorry David Kaplan - the Sox are hands down the most beatable team of the AL contenders right now, with the Twins being a close second. David disagreed with the caller on that point.

A minute you asked for and a minute you shall have.

And Rickie Weeks still sucks...:D

World Series thoughts...Part Drei

So the other World Series topic of interest - Cubs Vs. White Sox.

First of all - if it does come to that, and I can't see that happening this year, but all this city would need was Kurt Russel in an eye patch, and you're got yourself a trilogy.

From what I gathered was "If you knew the Cubs would lose the world series to the White Sox, would you want them to go?" No, and here's my argument:

If I knew the Cubs would lose the world series against ANYBODY, I wouldn't want them to go. I'd rather spend my fall nights watching CSI. This isn't a White Sox thing, it's a Cubs losing thing. I would not want to put myself in that agony. Does the White Sox add another dimension? Sure. But it doesn't change my vote.

Right now is an exciting time is Chicago baseball, with two first place clubs in mid August. The White Sox are hanging on by their finger tips, but there they are. I'm not sure either the Sox or the Twins can keep this pace all the way to October. Frankly, I like the Cubs chances against either team - but I don't know a whole lot about the AL, so I can't be considered a reliable source. The next minute talks about why...

Random Thought

And never argue with your mom about baseball. You won't get a good argument. Argue about knitting or something...

Oh yeah...I just went there...

World Series thoughts...Part Deux

So what's the answer? Cory Provus said "Soriano" I'd be inclined to agree, but only slightly. Yes Soriano has more power and a better average. However, Soriano is a historically bad post-season player IIRC. I don't have the numbers in front of me, But Edmonds against a righty pitcher makes good sense to me, but once again it comes down to we needs more detail.

I'm crapping my pants if it gets there anyway, so maybe it's irrelevant. The main question being asked here, which is REALLY the question that should've been asked int he first place is, who would you turn to more in the clutch.

If the Cubs need a HR to tie/win, then I'm going with Soriano. If a base hit/double will do the job, maybe I'll look into it a bit more. How have both guys performed thus far? If you're going by last year's post season, Soriano sucked donkey balls, along with the rest of the team in October. Maybe this year is different.

Just ask the right question and this isn't an issue. And what the heck are you still doing up?? Go to bed! There's a curfew for God's sake...

A minute for your thoughts...

World Series thoughts...

Yes, yes it's a bit early, but still. Heard a couple of things on 'GN yesterday and today that I wanted to comment on. First last night's call to Corey Provus's post game. Some kid called up saying he was having a debate with his mom about this and asked "It's game 7, two out, bottom of the ninth, Cubs down by one, who would you rather have - Edmonds or Soriano?"

In this minute, we're going to dissect the question -

Ok dip$%it, Game 7 wouldn't have the Cubs in the bottom of the 9th, because game 7 would be at the AL park.

Second, under no circumstances should Edmonds and Soriano be available to pinch-hit that late in that game. Maybe Edmonds, but not Soriano.

Third, who's pitching? Who's on base? Who are they up against? How are those guys' numbers compared to the pitcher? Who else is available to pinch hit?

Most of these come for a basic lefty-righty consideration, not to mention the 7,000 other factors Pinella will be thinking about at that point. Bottom line, it's a stupid question and what the heck are you still doing up? Get to bed you little twerp or you'll be late to your shift at McDonalds tomorrow.


Z did not have his good stuff today, but he did have a cracked tooth. Listen to me - coming from someone who has suffered a plethora of dental anomalies, this is no small thing. Good for you Z that you stayed out there. Strike 3 for Woody was a gift call, but hey, the Cubs won the series - 7th straight - so it's all good.

Corey Patterson looked lost out in center field today. Kinda sad to see. In the Reds lineup, who's batting below Mr. Mendoza? Paul Bako and Corey Patterson. Who's in the lineup anyway? Yep you guessed it. Got a couple of things to discuss in future postings, but over all, another 1/2 game up, and another page off the calendar.

The minute fades back, he shoots, he SCORES!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


...we live in a world where most folks should realize that:

A. You cannot possibly win every game
B. The Reds did in fact manage to not lose some games this year

As they did tonight. Arroyo was off in the first few innings, and that was the time to strike. Unfortunately, he settled in. Also unfortunately, Lilly did not in fact throw a no hitter. Through five yes, good for you, but until you can say "through 9", your offense does need to come through. They didn't tonight.

On a side note, Derrek Lee announced today that he is changing his middle name to "Perry" in honor of his hitting instructor. The officially makes his initials "DP Lee" which is rather appropriate when you stop and think about it...

Grounds to shortstop, flips to second, over to first, and that's a minute for you...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 31
Home Games Left: 18
Road Games Left: 19
Total games left: 37
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 28


Sorry so late for this one. I didn't get a chance to watch or even listen to the game much last night. No problem. Comcast is rebroadcasting.. bwah hah! Watching now. Here's what I heard tho. Harden was pretty much unhittable through seven - I'm sorry did you say seven? Yes seven. No really SEVEN??? Like two more than five? Yes really seven. I don't believe you. I'll check the box score....holy crap seven - innings.

Turns out it was actually 7 innings.. how bout that eh? Cool. Now apparently Votto did something to really mess up int he 8th, but I didn't see it, so I'll have to see that today, but I LOVE the fact that it resulted in 4 runs.

Dusty? Really? The is this like so you have an excuse when you can't win a game? Patterson? Hairston Jr? Really? Wow...Good luck with that.

Just because this one bears repeating -

"Can I have a minute please with a side order of "I suck"? --Rickie Weeks.

I freakin' love that!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Free Web Counter

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8 in 7

Dang, that was quite the offensive explosion today. 8 runs in the 7th inning. Mark DeRosa batted twice as a pinch hitter. That's just awesome. Dempster gets the win - number 14 in mid August - and the Brewers are already losing :).

Not to mention, the Brewers today have not 1, or 2, or 3, but FOUR starters in the lineup batting below .250. _4_. including the pitcher, that's 5 relatively easy outs. Mendoza, party of 5, your table's ready.

How can they be this good when they're this bad???

I'll wait to update the magic number until the Boo-hoo Crew goes final.

Can I have a minute with a side of "I suck"? - Rickie Weeks.

Throwing a fit, I mean pitch...

So a buddy of mine points out this article that a kid named "Wrigley" will throw out a first pitch at the end of the month. That's cool. He'll be mocked through high school and possbily college, but hey, it gets him a free ticket, so what the heck. Seriously parents - seriously.

On a related note, a 104 year old Cubs fan made headlines recently about HIS request to throw out a first pitch at a Cubs game in the playoffs - and is surprised when he won't get a definitive answer. "I don't know how much time I have left"

Ok, so in 104 years, you couldn't send in a freakin' postcard? Or is it all of a sudden, the Cubs are doing well, so NOW it's important. Now look, I'm as sensitive to the situation as the next guy, but c'mon. You're 104 years old. Talk about your procrastination! Dude. Think about it. The Cubs are playing well. You're just the latest in a LOOONG line of bandwagon jumpers. Somehow I think John Cusak has a better shot here. Don't think just because you can get a local paper to write a 3 paragraph article pleading your case that the Cubs are gonna roll out the red carpet for you. They sold out that field through YEARS of losing. There's no such thing as bad press for the Cubs. Get in line like everybody else.

That's another minute, which may be more than that guy has...


Well last night, other than the fact I was at an outside festival listening to the game on the radio, sucked.

Bats got quiet again - stuff happens - but with the tying run on third Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez couldn't get the job done. Same with Fontenot in the ninth, only the tying run was merely in scoring position. Eh well.

Was an interesting lineup Lou threw out there to backup Marshall, who had a pretty good start. Can't complain too much I guess. Let's just get them today.

Another minute....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Holy crap dude...

I woke up this morning, and STILL couldn't believe the Cubs won that game last night. Daryle Ward sends one over the fence in right in the top of the ninth. I believe that completes the set. I'm not positive, but I think every single guy on the Cubs roster has officially done something spectacular to help the Cubs win. I'm not sure, and perhaps I'll put something together to illustrate the point, but Ward was one of the last guys, if not THE last to really come through in the clutch and be downright memorable for the season.

The Boo-hoo Crew lost last night too. Silly pretenders...

You give me a minute, and that's one less minute you have to enjoy your potatoes...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 35
Home Games Left: 19
Road Games Left: 21
Total games left: 40
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 32

Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Thought...

Windows Vista - It's so good, we have to trick you into liking it.


Kotsay hits for the cycle and the Cubs win the game. I don't care if it was against the Cubs, still kinda cool to see a cycle. and the Cubs won, so good for Kotsay, better for us.

Good to see Lilly last more than 10 pitches this time around. Escobar just really needs to get over that. Woody came in to pseudo-close. The bats came alive again. Hopefully this is a Cubs thing, not just a Braves thing.

Z going tonight has some stuff to make up for. Last two starts, not so Gouda. Last two years in Miami - ditto. Let's get that turned around and b-slap the Fish back to where they belong...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 37
Home Games Left: 19
Road Games Left: 22
Total games left: 41
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 33

Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Bomb Howry" rides again...

Fortunately Pinella seems to have realized that a 7 run lead is the only time it's safe to pitch him...

That's like 10 seconds...ill throw in the other 50 later.

Random thought...

"A superlens has a negative refractive index, meaning light that hits it reverses and goes in the opposite direction."

Ummm...isn't that called a mirror?

Perfect my pimpled red a$$


"Sabathia did not cruise through this start like some of his others, but that did not stop him from preserving his perfect record with Milwaukee and helping his new team to its eighth straight victory,"

GAWD this bugs me. We had that fat bee-otch in the L column but bomb Howry f'ed it up. What did I tell you all?? 5 and 1 sounds a lot worse than 5 and 0. Now everyone's like "oh he's perfect" and "he's unbeatable".

THE CUBS F-ING BEAT HIM LIKE THE LITTLE BEE-OTCH THAT HE IS!!! He fled from the game in the 7th inning with his tail between his beefy legs. We HAD him but Bomb Howry pissed it away and for that I've had to live through three weeks of "Perfect" Sabathia.

F Bomb Howry, F CC Sabathia, F the "Boo-hoo" Crew, and F all the sports writers who tend to ignore arguably CC's most important start that he blew like a $2 hooker in a back alley.

A minute is a bitter pill to swallow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CC in a sling...

That's my prediction for the off season. The Brewers are in a win-win situation here. They dumped a couple of prospects for a rental player. Here's the thing. They can run that fat ba$7ard out there every day if they want to for the rest of the season. What do they care? When was the last time you have the oil changed on a rental car? Same thing here.

The Brewers should not give a rat's patootie how CC feels on Nov 1. He will no longer be their problem. They're not bringing him back. not unless they strike oil in centerfield at the park or something. I just hope CC and his agent are closely monitoring this situation. Because come off season, his huge paycheck could turn into an AARP check real quick.

Just a minute for your thoughts...

And PS - if the Cubs HAD gotten him...same argument...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 39
Home Games Left: 19
Road Games Left: 23
Total games left: 42
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 34

I feel reasonably secure publishing this before the Brewers game ends since they're pounding the crap out of the light-hitting Padres with CC on the mound...

Gawd I hope his left arm falls off...

Twin killing...

I knew Atlanta was pretty bad this year but sheesh! The only thing more brutal than the beating the Cubs gave the Brave - on the road no less - was the tongue lashing I got from my wife for watching two - yes two - games in one day. Since I have to yield the rest of my TV priveledges for the rest of tonight, I figure I'll write up a post.

Marquis threw halfway decent. got himself out of a couple of jams today. Good defensive play getting to first on a shot hit past Lee and almost past DeRosa. Harden looked kinda human today. Certainly not the dominating performance we got the first four starts. But he gets the W, so all's well.

The big story today/tonight was the bats. Up and down the lineup, just hit after hit after hit. Great to see. Maybe these guys have figured out how to hit on the road. Against rookies yes, but I've mentioned in previous posts, rookie seem to give the Cubs trouble.

Overall a pretty happy day, except the Brewers are currently beating the bejesus out of the Padres, so we only gain 1/2 game...considering we lost 1/2 game yesterday, that's not all that encouraging.

One more tomorrow, and that's the way the minute crumbles...

Monday, August 11, 2008

off day...

So the Cubs put the cap on a nice series yesterday. I just love it when the opposing team boots a ball and we turn it into 5 runs...And Chris Carpenter left the game on a medical...Hello Mark Mulder - where ya been? If that's not enough to drive the final nail into the coffin, I don't know what is...

So the Brewers won today - a-holes. The Diamondbacks picked up Adam "Dunn hit ball with little stick!!" (It sounds a lot funnier when I _say_ it, but anyway. Do they really think Dunn is the answer? Nothing against the guy, but boy oh boy, I hope the Dodgers don't have anything planned for October - they'll be busy. At least for 4 games while the Cubs wipe the floor with them. I'm factoring in one loss since we did split the series in LA this year.

Following that, if I had to pick the Phillies/Marlins/Mets vs Brewers, I'm going to have to go Brewers. History has proven though that we can beat them. It'll be an interesting series. I'm thinking Sheets v Zambrano, Sabathia v Harden, Parra v Dempster and with all the extra off days the networks throw in, prolly Sheets v Zambrano again. Or possbily Lilly v Busch? Not even sure where the Brewers rotation depth goes after Parra. We'll see...

I don't even know enough about the AL to make any predictions...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Magic Number

Magic Number: 41
Home Games Left: 19
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 44
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 38

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So Zambrano didn't miss any bats today. Didn't have his good stuff. In fact he didn't have stuff. He pretty much just tossed in those batting practice balls and watched the pretty smoke making rainbows as the balls left the yard. Let the Cards slap him around like a little bee-otch. Wouldn't mind so much, except it IS against the Cardinals... eh well.

Bottom of the 7th and LaRussa's going to the bullpen, so it's not completely lost. I won't be holding by breath however. Hopefully Dempster can miss a few bats tomorrow. Meantime, I need to find a convenient rope to hang myself with.

Some runs, some runs, a minute for some runs!

What's that crunching sound?

Oh yeah...that'd be the Cubs stomping down on the Cardinal's season and crushing their windpipe. Don't get me wrong - if the Cardinals manage to win one or two of the next two, they've got some life - like the amount of life a guy who falls 30 feet off a building onto concrete has. If the Cubs sweep tho, I'll make the prediction now that that's the end. Auf Wiedersehn, buh-bye, get back to us when Izturis isn't your starting shortstop.

There's a minute for you, which is about the total time that Caesar Izturis didn't suck as a Cub.

Make it official Part Deux

So here's another thing I've never put in black and white:

Edmonds was a good sign.

Yeah yeah, he was a Cardinal, blah blah. The point is, he's a cheap date. I think the Cubs are paying him $250K or some ridiculously small amount like that. He was and still is a no risk-high reward signing. Now don't get me wrong - when the worst hitting team in baseball looks at you and says "nuh-uh - that won't do..." ok there's issues. But a nice change of scenery has resurrected careers before. And if he didn't work out after a few weeks, "thanks Jim. 'Preciate it buddy." and everyone goes home happy.

Now, some of you will say "Oh, he's only saying this because he's been so hot recently." Not true. from day 1 - and I was at that game BTW, I've been saying this. I did NOT boo when he first came out to center, nor when he took his first AB. What I did do, was bet a buddy of mine that if he went 2-4 in the game, would he then lick my shorts. He did not take the bet, Edmonds did not go 2-4, and he did not lick my shorts, but ever since a flurry of txt messages have been exchanged. It's all in good fun, but the guy was a good pickup, who has turned out to be a pretty darn good pickup. Not great yet, but I am digging the Johnson/Edmonds platoon.

Edmonds is an ugly ba$7ard BTW...

For these minutes and more, log on to - oh're already here...

Make it official...

I have never said it in print, but aloud many many times, so let's make it official -

Soriano is the only choice for leadoff.

Soriano is a leadoff hitter and here's why - he sucks donkey a-holes anywhere else in the lineup. I dont have, nor do I know where to get, his splits for batting elsewhere in the lineup, but it's been reported time and again, his numbers really really suck when he bats elsewhere. I'll see if i can find those numbers somewhere... Is he a baby? Maybe. Is he being coddled? Maybe. But here's the thing. Everyone in the world says he needs to be moved down in the order to maximize his run production. Ok, fine. Let's examine that argument. So if Soriano bats, say 5th in the order, his production will go up. Really? It was recently reported, the #8 spot in the batting order has an OBP of over .350 or so. The #7 slot has been taken up recently by Fukudome, whose OBP is above .350 as well. The Cubs also have two of the better hitting pitchers in baseball in Zambrano (batting .350) and Marquis.

Whereas Derrek Lee is leading the NL in GIDP, and Ramirez is currently the RBI leader for the Cubs. So if Lee is grounding into more double plays than the entire Marlins Roster (this is not true 0- just an over-dramatization) and Ramirez is driving in all these runs, who's going to be3 left for Soriano to drive in? What was that? Nobody? ok. This is assuming that Soriano keeps his leadoff numbers when he goes to the 5 hole, which history has dictated won't happen.

There's more to be said about this, but I'm over my minute....It'll have to be a roll-over minute...

What a game.

Edmonds hits two bombs, and he was on deck in the 11th By the way :).

So the Cubs won the "I'm at the game" season series, 2-1 overall. So that's awesome. Great game to be at too. Admittedly by the 8th inning I was dying for a cigarette - no smoking ANYWHERE in Wrigley thank you very much City Council - so I was really hoping score in the 8th, close in the 9th. Eh well. Overall a great game. The Cards botched so many plays it was silly. A failed sac bunt attempt, a failed sac fly, and a failed stolen base. It was funny to watch. And why anyone runs on Soriano, I have no idea. Unless your last name is "Taveras", just don't even bother.

Speaking of which, I need to go on record about Edmonds and Soriano, but those are other minutes...

Magic Number

Magic Number: 42
Home Games Left: 21
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 46
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 39

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Magic Number

Magic Number: 43
Home Games Left: 22
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 47
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 42

8 run 3rd.

Eight runs with 2 outs??? Wow. Flat out wow. No one saw that coming. This is a great offense, but jeez! Grand slam and a 3 run shot. Marquis' butt was saved, though he did pitch well the rest of the game. Whether that was due to him relaxing a bit after the explosion, or the Astros got deflated, or both, I don't know, but all the same.

Granted Backe ain't no Brandon Webb, but still.

Now we get three games to stomp on the Cardinals' throats like we did to Milwaukee. Going to the game Friday. I've heard Chris Carpenter is pitching. ick.

Anyway - enjoy it cubs fans!

Magic Number

Magic Number: 44
Home Games Left: 23
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 48

Still not POSITIVE I calculated this correctly, but
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 43

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Bomb" Howry rides again

Jeez Bobby? Seriously? Oh man...

Why oh why Piniella sent him back out with a one-run lead is beyond me...

Oh well, the Cubs won, so that's the good news. Spanked that 'stros bullpen well enough. Gotta love that. It's all about the late come backs. Fukudome is looking better these days, but definitely not back to April-May form.

Lee got 4 hits today, sweet.

Magic number went down a bit in the last couple of days. I'll update that tomorrow. Cubs win again at home. All-abord Plesac's Big Blue Train!

Another minute bites the dust..

Brewers rumble....

So Prince and Parra got into it last night. Took five guys to hold down the fat ba@!#$. Starting to fray around the edges are we brew-crew?

Actually, kinda reminds me of the Zambrano/Barrett title fight last year, only without the trip to the hospital. Having said that, this means that either:
A. The pressure is getting to this young team.
B. We've just seen the beginning of the end for the Cubs.
C. It don't mean diddly.

Personally, I'm hoping for A, but realistically, it's prolly C.

On a side note - it must suck to be a Brewers fan. The Brewers have been bottom dwellers for a couple of decades and now that they've actually got a good team, here come the Cubs.

Always the bridesmaid, never another minute...

Been a day or two.

Had no internet yesterday so we have some stuff to catch up on...

First up...That was a nasty storm on Mon night...I mean JEEZ. Here's a personal note that describes my evening -

ME: One bolt of lightning was so bright I could've sworn it'd hit me.
My Mom: Wow..Did you feel anything?
ME: Um...You mean like death?

Watching the highlights last night was fun, seeing the lighting above Wrigley and everything. Just too bad the Cubbies didn't get a chance to mount thier big come back against Valverde. Once again, I almost got that out with a straight face...

Here's the first of a few minutes tonight.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Magic Number

Magic Number: 46
Home Games Left: 26
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 51

Not POSITIVE I calculated this correctly, but
Magic number to clinch a post season berth : 45

Big Johnson

Oh wait.... hehe. Don't get me wrong, it's great that the Cubs won, but why did our bullpen have to piss away another great start by our pitchers...

The big bats came out again late and spanked the Pirates. I dig the fact that Johnson bunts for a base hit yesterday and hits the game winning HR today :).

Samardzija pitched very well after Lou shortened Z up. Gaudin gave up the lead but he's, been a great find from Oakland. Marmol closed it up. Nice job. Would've liked Z to get to 13, but oh well.

Brew Crew lost. Leads back to five. Hope the Cards get b-slapped, but that's secondary right now.

Astros come to town. We shall have to punish them.

One for the minute....two for the show...

Not much to say...

Cubs win yesterday. Z's on the mound today vs. Ian Snell, he of the 6+ ERA. Should be a cakewalk, but the Cubs have a tenancy to make those close games. We'll see how things go.

Magic Number: 48
Home Games Left: 27
Road Games Left: 25
Total games left: 52

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey Chicago what do you say?

The Cubs are gonna lose to a minor league team...

That was painful. But it was a Marquis start. Since he is officially #5, (though one could argue that in a different context, he's #2) any wins he gives us are a bonus. It wasn't a bad start, just no clutch hitting. Second and third, bases loaded, no hits. Sad, especially after the pasting we gave to Milwaukee.

No Bay, No Nady, No Sanchez, No Marte...

Why do the kids always make us look so bad?

Go Braves, Go Phillies...