Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Series thoughts...

Yes, yes it's a bit early, but still. Heard a couple of things on 'GN yesterday and today that I wanted to comment on. First last night's call to Corey Provus's post game. Some kid called up saying he was having a debate with his mom about this and asked "It's game 7, two out, bottom of the ninth, Cubs down by one, who would you rather have - Edmonds or Soriano?"

In this minute, we're going to dissect the question -

Ok dip$%it, Game 7 wouldn't have the Cubs in the bottom of the 9th, because game 7 would be at the AL park.

Second, under no circumstances should Edmonds and Soriano be available to pinch-hit that late in that game. Maybe Edmonds, but not Soriano.

Third, who's pitching? Who's on base? Who are they up against? How are those guys' numbers compared to the pitcher? Who else is available to pinch hit?

Most of these come for a basic lefty-righty consideration, not to mention the 7,000 other factors Pinella will be thinking about at that point. Bottom line, it's a stupid question and what the heck are you still doing up? Get to bed you little twerp or you'll be late to your shift at McDonalds tomorrow.

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