Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a game.

Edmonds hits two bombs, and he was on deck in the 11th By the way :).

So the Cubs won the "I'm at the game" season series, 2-1 overall. So that's awesome. Great game to be at too. Admittedly by the 8th inning I was dying for a cigarette - no smoking ANYWHERE in Wrigley thank you very much City Council - so I was really hoping score in the 8th, close in the 9th. Eh well. Overall a great game. The Cards botched so many plays it was silly. A failed sac bunt attempt, a failed sac fly, and a failed stolen base. It was funny to watch. And why anyone runs on Soriano, I have no idea. Unless your last name is "Taveras", just don't even bother.

Speaking of which, I need to go on record about Edmonds and Soriano, but those are other minutes...

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