Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So everyone everywhere is now talking aobut how the Cubs have been "officially" eliminated from playoff contention as of the Rockies win last night (vs. the Boo-hoo Crew no less), and now it's time to accept that it will be 102 years....blah blah blah.

Ok, saying that the Cubs have been "officially" eliminated is like having a 113 year old man diagnosed with pheumonia and saying "Oh my God! He's going to die!" Put another, more sensitive way - it's not like this is a shock to anyone. Now, we'll examine the why's and the how's of it later, but honestly, I threw in the towel back in July, when it became evident that against greater-than-mediocre teams, the Cubs just panicked and buried thier heads in the sand and hoped to not get swept. Even when they touched first place briefly in August, you knew, if they managed to hold it, that they were doomed to another 3 and out performance.

So honestly folks, let's put aside our "shock" and "numbness" that the Cubs have failed - again - and move on to more surprising things. I understand the sky is blue today. Let's all take a minute and look at it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dagnabbit. I was just thinking to myself that MLB.TV would be a nice christmas present to myself. Watch the games at work, or on the computer when my wife want's to watch something else. Heck, watch them on the netbook while at starbucks, or wherever. I even have a friend in Detroit who can get the package for me, use their CC and they'll have THAT zip code. Sadly though, IP address is used to determine your location as well. But I could use a proxy server to alter my IP address, and maybe I could get around it that way.

Bottom line - if anyone is willing to go to these measures to watch games on their computers, maybe MLB should wake up to the 21st century and re-think this Blackout BS.

Does MLB really think that anyone in the world would rather watch a baseball game on their 8" netbook rather than a 40" plasma? Really? IF IT WAS AN OPTION, WE WOULDN'T NEED MLB.TV.

What a frustrating minute.

A message to the NLC Champ Cardinals and their fans.

Burn in hell, you rat bastards.

No seriously, I'll say congratulations to you in the same way I said it to the White Sox in '05 - I'm flipping you off behind my back the entire time. You made the right moves, specifically Holliday (I'm personally convinced the DeRosa trade was just to make our lives hell), and took advantage of a sad-sack Cubs team (who now seems to be playing well, now that there's no pressure - thanks a freakin' lot) and got into the post-season.

Right now, I'm going to ask you to kiss something. Take a wild guess.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another phone call

This one will be made around the end of November

"Hi Milt, It's Jim. Yeah, so I wanted to let you know, I'm having a heck of a time moving your contract. It's not you, but...ok, well yeah it is you, but the money doesn't help either. So anyway, I got an offer from the Rangers that if I pay 19 million, they'll take you back. Oh really? I'm glad to hear that you'd be happy with that move. Here's the thing though. I talked to Crane and we're actually going to go ahead and turn that down. Instead, you're going to sit on your little butt there and watch other teams play baseball. You will not see a live pitch thrown at you for the next two years. You won't even remember where your glove is by the time this contract runs out. But don't worry Milt. I'm sure two years sitting on the shelf will not affect your free-agency when you turn the young age of 33 in 2012. Oh and by the way, we're gonna fly you in here every once in a while so you can hold a press conference and talk with the media that will undoubtedly miss you so much.

Oh you don't like that option huh? Well gee that's too bad because you know we have this contract here, and boy oh boy if only there was a way that you didn't have to stay under our control for the next two years. Yeah, I sure wish there was a way for someone to, oh I don't know, opt out of a contract or something.

Huh. Well anyway Milty-boy. We're sending you over a case of Margarita mix since that's all you'll have to do for the next two years. I appreciate your time Milt and thank you so much for everything you've done already."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Really? Really?

The player's Union is considering challenging "The Mistake's" Suspension. First of all, if Chris De Luca's report:

The real reason behind Milton Bradley's suspension: Clubhouse dustup with coach Von Joshua had as much to do with it as the negative talk.

is accurate, then Milt is lucky he only got suspended. Second, if I'm Jimmy, here's my phone call to Milt.

"Hey Milt. So, I'm told the Players' Association is considering filing a grievance. Tell ya what buckaroo, consider it lifted. Yes, absolutely. Get on a plane and fly your happy little buns back to Milwaukee. You will spend the next two weeks sitting in uniform on a bench watching how a real team plays. You will travel with us, and you will talk to the press for as long as they want. Every day. Don't bring your glove or bat - you won't need them. You will be riding the pine for the rest of the season, but you won't be suspended. Be carefull how you walk though, because if you so much as stub your toe, I will put you on the DL so fast your head will spin and maybe that third year won't be so much of a guarantee.

So what do you think Milt? You wanna just stay suspended? Yeah. I thought you might."

And for the alst time this season -

Bobby Abreu watch - .295/.394/.429/.823

Boy..thank God we didn't sign THAT guy at 3/30

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last night, I was reading my buddy Bruce over at the Daily Herald and I see this line pouring out of The Mistake's mouth - "...and you can see why they haven't won in 100 years here."

Believe me this got a blog post going in my head. Something like "F^ck you. F^uck your mom for forgetting to take her pill. F^ck your dad for not drowning you at birth..." You know...something like that. But then I realized - that would just be negative, and lord knows we can't let Milty-poo hear any negativity. Noooooo. So I decided to start a cause - the Get-Rid-Of-Milt-Athon. Here's how it works.

I'm sure, if Tommy Ricky asked, he could find 2 million people who would each be willing to donate $10 raise the $20 million we'd need to cut Milt loose and still retain enough financial flexibility to make the signings we need. So, on Twitter, I started the cause. You can tweet your pledges (in $10 increments) to @onetwittedcubs
to get Milt the heckle out of town.

Naturally, right now this is all informal. No ACTUAL money will change hands, it's more of a scenario, but I'd be interested to see how much we could raise. Heck, if it's enough - I could always email Jimmy.

So pledge now! Rid yourself of an underachieving, whiny, cry-baby of a right fielder - no, not THAT one. We already got Jerry Hairston for him...