Monday, September 21, 2009

Really? Really?

The player's Union is considering challenging "The Mistake's" Suspension. First of all, if Chris De Luca's report:

The real reason behind Milton Bradley's suspension: Clubhouse dustup with coach Von Joshua had as much to do with it as the negative talk.

is accurate, then Milt is lucky he only got suspended. Second, if I'm Jimmy, here's my phone call to Milt.

"Hey Milt. So, I'm told the Players' Association is considering filing a grievance. Tell ya what buckaroo, consider it lifted. Yes, absolutely. Get on a plane and fly your happy little buns back to Milwaukee. You will spend the next two weeks sitting in uniform on a bench watching how a real team plays. You will travel with us, and you will talk to the press for as long as they want. Every day. Don't bring your glove or bat - you won't need them. You will be riding the pine for the rest of the season, but you won't be suspended. Be carefull how you walk though, because if you so much as stub your toe, I will put you on the DL so fast your head will spin and maybe that third year won't be so much of a guarantee.

So what do you think Milt? You wanna just stay suspended? Yeah. I thought you might."

And for the alst time this season -

Bobby Abreu watch - .295/.394/.429/.823

Boy..thank God we didn't sign THAT guy at 3/30

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