Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dumb A$$ Things People Have Said About the Cubs 2010 Season

Like our predecessor, constantly updated:

Quote: Hendry on Bradley: "No one could have really predicted how it turned out." Except of course, you know, everybody...

Headline: "Wild 2009 left Cubs looking to recharge" - Yeah, ok. We'll say 'Wild'

1/1 - Headline: "Ten questions facing the Cubs in 2010" Only ten?

1/10 - Headline: "Cubs sign LaHair" - Who gives LaCrap?

1/11 - Headline: Maddux joins Cubs as assistant to GM - Boy won't that be awkward when he wears a Braves hat to the Hall while working for the Cubs

1/21 - Headline: "Ex-Cub Edmonds confirms desire to play again" cough cough Brett-Favre cough

2/13 - Headline: "Hendry: Bad start doomed Bradley" No, birth doomed him.

2/28 - Headline: "Cubs' farm system starting to bear fruit" What's the big deal? It's been producing a bunch of lemons for years!

4/10 - Zambrano on yesterday's game "Basically, it was my first start..." Except, you know, it wasn't. (via @PWSullivan)

4/14 - Headline: "4/14 Soriano: "I like to play nine innings" - Well, we like to win games so you're sh*t outta luck. (via @CarrieMuskat)

4/24 - Headline: "More Milton Bradley: 'I'm as non-violent, non-threatening as they come'" - If by 'non-violent' you mean 'dickhead' then I agree.

5/6 - Headline: Ramirez back hitting fifth in lineup - Well, "hitting" is debatable...

5/16 - Headline: D-Lee: 'We don't come out here everyday to lose' - Damn, that's the one thing I thought you were good at.

6/1 - Headline: Piniella on Cubs' shakeup: 'Too much patience is stupidity' - God you're stupid

6/2 - Headline: Santo in good spirits after going to hospital - Funny, we were in good spirits that he went to the hospital (and was off the air)

6/29 - Headline: "Cubs look to Lilly to deliver win against Pirates" Maybe you should look to Theriot/Lee/Byrd/Soriano/Colvin/Ramirez/Soto/Castro ?

7/12 - Headline: "Cubs, Silva close first half with thud in LA" - I'd say more like a wet squishy splat like a bag full of poop, but ok.

7/16 - Headline: "Cubs send message in rout of Phillies" - Yeah like 'We can hit the crap out of senior citizens'

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