Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Ok, so I haven't updated this blog in, well, forever. But you see, here's the deal. The Cubs are sh*t. Just a disaster. And there are really only so many ways you can say it. So, until the Cubs are slightly less crappy and pathetic, there won't be much going on here. But hey, that's what RSS feeds are for!

In the meantime, Starlin Castro, the boy wonder, is heading to the All Star Game. So that's awesome. And since Jose Reyes is too shy again to play, Starlin might start. It'll be nice to see if the NL can repeat. I'll be tuned in.

Fukudome is still actually producing - contract year.
Barney has been a nice surprise.
Pena is still stupidly overpaid for an underachieving team.
Ramirez has woken up, a little earlier than we're used to.
Soriano hasn't completely sucked this year.
Byrd is not as good as last year, but still not bad when he hits with a bat and not his face.


And there you have it!