Monday, April 11, 2011

So What's With the Ex's? Exes? What's the plural of Ex @BruceMiles2112?

Bruce Miles, of the Daily Herald and I are having a little tiff. It's ok. Mommy and Daddy still love you. And to be 100% accurate, I'm tiffing, he probably doesn't give a rat's patoot. So, anyway, this all started with this tweet -

Ex #Cubs Casey McGehee hits 2 R HR off Kerry Wood in the 8th to put Brewers up 6-5

Ok, so I looked it up. Casey McGehee played EXACTLY 9 games for the Cubs in 2008. He posted a line of .167/.160/.208/.368. Yes you read that right. McGehee also plays third base, a position that was pretty darn occupied at the time (You might've heard of the guy we have there). McGehee was a Rule 5 acquisition for the Boo-hoo Crew before the 2009 season. My point is, as I tweeted once -

Can we please stop saying "Casey McGehee's former team"? It's more Felix Pie's former team than McGehee's.

So basically, @BruceMiles2112 is just trying to start some shit. "We had this guy and gave him away," type shit.

Which prompted this tweet yesterday -

@BruceMiles2112 If you're going to insist on calling him "ex-Cubs McGehee", I'm going to call you "Ex-bed-wetter Bruce Miles".

Facts are facts. McGehee was indeed once a Cub, but I'm willing to bet, once upon a time, a teeny weenie Bruce Miles was asleep, cuddling his little spiral notebook, and let fly. We all have. Not a big secret.

So then I wake up this morning and see this -

@oneminutecubs Have at it, then.

Good enough. A little friendly, friendly jabbing. but no, I found, I was blocked. Now, for those of you not familiar, Blocking in twitter is really no big deal. You can still click a person's name and see their feed, and you can still mention them (do the @name thing), so OMC - fire away -

Dear Ex Bed-wetter @BruceMiles2112, I can still read your feed and I can still mention you.

@BruceMiles2112 Blocking me only proves that you have thinner skin than Milton Bradley's mom. Love, OMC #IllTakeUselessGesturesFor100Alex

So, I guess it's on, and frankly kinda stupid if you ask me. I really wouldn't have kept up with the whole Ex Bed wetter thing more than a couple of days, but I was blocked. That, my friends, is a sort of acknowledgment for me. I wouldn't think he'd give a crap, but apparently he does, so good for me. I'll probably keep giving him shit until he unblocks me.

I sure hope Ex Pirate Ramirez, Ex Ray Pena and Ex Ex Ranger, Ex National, Ex Yankee Soriano can power this offense, right @BruceMiles2112?

The part that irks me is he's probably one of the best beat writers for the Cubs. But hey, I'll keep reading his stuff. I just hope he someday realizes that I give people shit. It's just what I do.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Get used to it...

Get used to Castro making errors...

Get used to the Cubs playing .500 baseball against two crappy teams...

Get used to Carlos Marmol Blown Saves...

Get used to pitchers going on the DL...

Get used to capacity crowds of over 26,000 people...

What you're looking at here is a whole lotta 2011. So get used to it folks. Maybe it'll grow on ya. I sure hope it does.

This first week of baseball provided a good look at what the rest of the season will probably bring. Errors, and slick plays - by the same guy. Home runs and long fly outs. Losing late and winning late. .500 baseball. And I loved every minute of it.

Zero Expectations.
Zero Disappointment.