Monday, March 29, 2010

Tyler (not Durden) makes the roster.

Boy, wouldn't it be just all sunshine and roses if Tyler Colvin didn't sit on the bench for a week before he got one pinch hit opportunity and then another week, etc. You would like to think that Colvin would be able to be rotated in and out of the lineup and that all 4 outfielders would play nice, but that just won't happen.

There is no way Colvin starts 2 games per week, barring an injury or trade - hey, we can dream. Now will this turn out to be ultimately bad for the kid? Who knows. I can't imagine it'll be great. Will it irrevocably damage him or launch him into stardom? Neither will probably happen but I would argue that damage is infinitely more likely.

In a perfect world, Colvin could rotate in once for each starter once per week or every other week or so. Actually, I take that back. In a perfect world, Colvin learns to play second base, but that's another conversation.

Let's hope this roster move is more Gordon Beckham than it is Corey Patterson.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold on! Wait! I have an idea!

Seeing as how we're a two team radio station, let's get rid of sports talk! Yeah. There's an idea. Sounds idiotic right? Well that's just what WGN is doing -

WGN-AM recasts Kaplan as 'sports insider,' gives Laski 'Sports Central' slot

First, the y get rid of weekend sports central which, at times, tempted me to leave work early to listen. Now, weekday Sports Central. But don't worry. Kapper will still be there as a talking muppet during postgame. That is until he wakes up and heads over to ESPN or the Score.

Look, I wasn't a Kathy and Judy fan. In fact I sustained many injuries diving for the radio to turn it off. But this latest trend to turn WGN into controversial radio is just ridiculous. My DAD listens to FM radio now since Pig Vomit took over. My Dad. Until recently, I'm not sure my father realized the dial on the radio turned, WGN was such a mainstay in his truck - even Kathy and Judy lord only knows why.

Feeling the loss.

Ok. I'm a little miffed. I have stuck out my neck on a few occasions over the past few months to defend Paul Sullivan a.k.a. @PWSullivan a.k.a. What the fuck are you blocking me for??. And all that was turned on its head today by a simple little message on twitter:

"This user has blocked you from following them."

So I got curious...what could I have possibly said to add myself to the illustrious ranks of A League of Her Own, Another Cubs Blog, etc who Paul thinks don't like him?

So I went back over my Twitter feed for two months and here is my list of atrocities:

Please @PWSullivan, please stop writing about MB so every other blogger in the city can stop writing about how much they hate you. - 11:24 AM Mar 10th

Yeah we're pretty sure Lou will be managing in April too. RT @PWSullivan: Oz sez Lou will return to Cubs in 2010: 1:58 PM Mar 6th

@PWSullivan Tell Lou, at this point, we don't care who he hits like, just so long as he hits the damn ball. 7:46 AM Feb 27th

History is written by the winners. RT @PWSullivan: Hendry says arbitration battle vs. Theriot wasn't "adversarial." 10:40 AM Feb 20th

Bastards.. RT @PWSullivan: ESPN Classic now showing Game 6 Cubs-Marlins for Valentine's Day Heartbreakers Marathon 5:16 PM Feb 14th

@PWSullivan Do you really think it's appropriate to refer to a player on the team you cover as "The Riot"?? #tongueplantedfirmlyincheek 11:21 AM Feb 4th

@doc_blume @PWSullivan So what? Neither can Silva. 6:31 PM Feb 3rd in reply to doc_blume

# Reading/listening to @thekapman or @PWSullivan is like watching Michael Moore. As long as you go into it knowing there's an agenda... 11:02 PM Feb 1st

All due respect but WTFE RT @Aisle424: RT @anothercubsblog: Paul Sullivan is a liar 10:38 PM Feb 1st

I'm just curious as to which on got me the hatchet? My guess is one of the two most recent -

Please @PWSullivan, please stop writing about MB so every other blogger in the city can stop writing about how much they hate you. - 11:24 AM Mar 10th

Yeah we're pretty sure Lou will be managing in April too. RT @PWSullivan: Oz sez Lou will return to Cubs in 2010: 1:58 PM Mar 6th

Here's the thing Chicken Little. Every time PW writes anything about Milton Bradley, a lot of bloggers that I follow go completely ApeSh*t and go off on another tangent about how PW is a horrible man and a horrible reporter, blah blah blah blah. Dude. I was just sick of reading about it.

The other reference - maybe it was a typo, but you're a reporter. You report to thousands of people. Someone's gonna call you on it. You said Lou will be managing in 2010. IT IS 2010!

I have done nothing but support PW and his right to say whatever her wants because I recognize that there's an agenda there. Most of the time his quips are funny, so I ran with it, even if it did stretch the limits of what might be considered respectable journalism in some circles. But now I'm blocked. WTF? I guess to say Paul Sullivan is thin skinned would be like saying Hitler wasn't a very nice guy.

Well guess what Paully. You jsut became my new twitter crash test dummy. I can't read ya. But I CAN reply to ya.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Think You Are Underestimating The Amount Of Sneakiness Sir

Hey everyone guess what? Baseball's coming! It's really sneaking up on us this year. It's being Vewy vewy qwiet. Maybe it's the Blackhawks heading toward the playoffs (which I'm actually following for the first time). Maybe it's the snow on the ground. Maybe it's because there are really very few compelling stories in Spring Training this year. Whatever it is, I'm having trouble coming to grips with the fact that Baseball is 15 days away. This time last year, I was halfway through my 2009 roster breakdown. Which reminds me I should probably get going on that.

It's just one of those springs where it's just sneaking by and we're completely unaware. Or at least I am.

It could also have to do with the fact that I have no high hopes, nor low hopes for this season. I'm not really looking forward to watching a .500 team play 162 games....again. Cuz it was such a joy last year...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bullpen? Who needs it?

Because I'm sure all of our starters will go deep into every game, you know like they used the.......60's....

Anyway. Guzman's shoulder has finally packed its bags and headed home, dragging Angel behind it, so we're left with a more scary version of our bullpen including Marmol, Grabow, Caridid (for a couple weeks anyway), Marshall, and...and....Crap...

I hold out hope for John Grabow - maybe not 4 million dollars of hope, but hope. He did a pretty good job with the club last year after his acquisition. Caridad is making a good show of himself in camp this year, but it's Spring training in Arizona - not exactly a good guage for a set up man. Oh Jimmy why did you not get Putz or Capps. Either one of them would be a welcome addition to what we have now. Eh well. I'm sure it will contribute to what is destined to be a frustratingly boring and uninspired 84 win season.

But I still can't wait for baseball to start!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicago was a perfect fit for MB

So everyone in the world has been saying that Chicago was not the best fit for Milton. I disagree. I think Chicago was the perfect place for Milton. Here's why:

Chicago has a lot of media and fans who will listen to the sh*t dribbling out of his mouth. Heck, even now that he's gone, he's still getting airwaves on Chicago's dime. The NY Post, or Times, or whatever (it's all F'ing New York), and now ESPN are giving Milton the opportunity to continue to spout his drivel, because in Seattle, no one pays attention long enough to care. What Milton didn't realize was, he blew his load too soon.

He had a full three years to spout, and could've gone on unabated if he'd just paced himself. Ya know? Year one could've been about how uncomfortable he was, then year two, he could've brought up how no one in the club house likes him. By year three, his walk year, he could've brought up the racist hype and honestly, even after he resigned somewhere else with someone who could "change" him, he would've so incensed the crowd here he could've ridden that train until 2020 - on 20/20 no less.

Too bad we missed all that...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring training....meh

So Spring Training games are here at last. Words cannot express how happy I am that we can all watch and listen to live baseball again. Words cannot express it, because I simply do not care. These games don't mean anything, and I frankly stress myself out enough during the regular season, so when it comes to Spring training, I really, really don't care. Hang on. Let me try to care.

Nope. Not working. I care about Spring Training games just a hair more than rugby games in the outback between two aboriginal tribes. The only, small, incomprehensible way this affects my life in the slightest is that now the Cubs reporters are back to their full time jobs so there's more to read and digest. But honestly, I won't care until April. That's when I go all in. Wait. I think I feel some excitement building....nope false alarm. Burrito....