Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold on! Wait! I have an idea!

Seeing as how we're a two team radio station, let's get rid of sports talk! Yeah. There's an idea. Sounds idiotic right? Well that's just what WGN is doing -

WGN-AM recasts Kaplan as 'sports insider,' gives Laski 'Sports Central' slot

First, the y get rid of weekend sports central which, at times, tempted me to leave work early to listen. Now, weekday Sports Central. But don't worry. Kapper will still be there as a talking muppet during postgame. That is until he wakes up and heads over to ESPN or the Score.

Look, I wasn't a Kathy and Judy fan. In fact I sustained many injuries diving for the radio to turn it off. But this latest trend to turn WGN into controversial radio is just ridiculous. My DAD listens to FM radio now since Pig Vomit took over. My Dad. Until recently, I'm not sure my father realized the dial on the radio turned, WGN was such a mainstay in his truck - even Kathy and Judy lord only knows why.

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