Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Jake For You!!!

For those of you anticipating the best rotation in baseball, and yes that would've included alternate dimensions -


On the continued rumblings -- notably out of San Diego -- that the Cubs still might be pursuing starting pitching, such as the Padres' Jake Peavy or free agent Randy Johnson, even after the Ryan Dempster signing: ''No. Starting we don't need. We're set. We've got six good starters [including Sean Marshall], and they're all experienced. Getting Dempster back was the key. We're in good shape with our starting pitching. Bullpen-wise, [we're looking for] possibly one more experienced pitcher. We've got a lot of young kids out there.''


The Padres are trying to cut costs, and acquiring Marquis wouldn't do that. He's owed $9.875 million in 2009. The Cubs headed into the offseason knowing they could afford either Dempster or Peavy, but not both.

Two sources in one day. Yeah...would've been nice, but I guess Jake will be getting his snuggles elsewhere...

11 days and counting....

Since the Cubs cut ties with Kerry Wood and he's STILL NOT SIGNED...

That's a window Jim, and it's closing...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tough Question


The San Diego Padres say the Cubs are still interested in trading for right-hander Jake Peavy. The Cubs, however, insist they would need to be very creative with their finances and get another team involved to swing a deal.

So here's the question. What to do? A month ago, I would've said go after Peavy all hard and old school. However now, after a bit of reflection, here's your rotation-

Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Harden, Marquis.

I can actually live with that. Right now, the need is a bat. The Cubs will tell you they need a left handed bat. I would argue that they need a bat that can hit righties as well as lefties. But let's say for the sake of argument, we need a left handed bat.

Looking back if anything failed the team during the season/offseason, it was offense. Due partially to the fact the Kosuke dropped his kibble in the last half of the season, and D-Lee forgot how to hit home runs. So given that, it would seem the offense has to be the bigger priority. So, Jake, unless Towers folds, looks like you're off to somwhere else, or stuck on that crap-ace team. At least the beach is nice eh?

Doin' it right.

I'm overdue for this post. Sorry.

It's good to see that Handry and Dempster did the right thing. The deal Demp signed is fair, prolly a little home-town discount, but again, what can you do with 60mil that you can't do with 50?

Now Ryan - this is not a license to suck. At least not for a few more years...
Definitely more than a minute

Saturday, November 15, 2008

From Woody to the Big Unit?


So is this kinda a if you can't beat 'em join 'em philosphy? I don't have a major problem with himReplacing Marquis. Prolly get us a few more wins. He's definitely not the Johnson of old, now he's just Johnson old.

So, noiw, thinknig ahead - Peavy, Zambrano, Lilly, Harden, Johnson?


Peavy, Zambrano, Lilly, Dempster, Johnson (with Harden gonig to Pads for Peavy)

Just a thought. for a mninute

Jimmy - you've got some 'splaining to do...

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. You have been officially called out. What the H-E-Double-Idiot-Sticks are you thinking? From all I've read the conversation went something like this.
"Sorry Wood, we can't pony up the dough for ya, so go, get your big, long-term contract. We'll still respect you in the morning."
"Um actually Jim, my wife and I have talked aobut it and we'd like to stay. If you can't do a long term thing now, I get that. So let's do a year and figure it out next year."
"No really, Woody. we're good here. We'll miss you and we hate to let you walk away..."
"But Jim. Seriously, Whatever you think is fair. it's all good."
"Aww Woody, it hurts so much, but we just can't afford you."
"Ok, so what. Maybe like a mil. How's that sound?"
"Woody, poor poor Woody. You'll be missed. The fans all love you and you're a good closer too. Say hi to Walt for me."
"Jim. how 'bout half mil. how bout the league minimum. Seriously, I've got cash, I'm not worried aobut it."
"No...it's horrible, we just cant' afford a pitcher of your great skill..."
"Jim. Tell you what. Buy me a Happy Meal, and I'll see you in February. Cool?"
"Oh Woody, I'm so sorry we can't scrape the fund together to keep you."

So really Jim. WTF? Woody offers you not only a 1 year deal, but undoubtedly way below market value, and you piss him away because you got Kevin Gregg? What is the REAL reason you don't want Woody here? We're listening. Speak up. Why did you not sign Wood to a 1 year deal and make our bullpen that much better? Why Jim. Your reasons are bulls@#$. Tell us the real reason. This is far and away the WORST move you have made in your time here, and we just want to know why.

Can you spare us a minute to explain?

Friday, November 14, 2008

WTF Hendry?


From Paul Sullivan -

While Wood was understanding about the Cubs' decision, which Hendry said was made in the best interests of Wood and his family, he did say he would've been amenable to staying and "would have done anything" to stay a Cub. The Cubs told him to go get a three- or four-year deal for more money, but Wood said he would've agreed to a one-year deal to stay.

So Woody's available to stay for one year, like I suggested in my previous post, and you say no thanks?? Are you freakin' kidding me? Why? so you can be Woody's buddy and let him walk and significantly deplete our bullpen.

Jim...Get Kerry on the phone, and beg him to come back...at elast for a minute. The guy wants to stay...don't be a d#$%...

Buh bye

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We don't got Wood...

Pttth...well that sucks. As Jim Memolo put it - We finally figured out how to use this guy, and he's off to greener pastures. It seems the problem with Wood is, he's going to get a huge (comparatively) contract now that he's an established closer, and definitely top 3 on the market with so many teams having so many bad bullpens.

I swear he better not end up in St. Louis.

So now we get this Gregg guy. 9, yes that's right Nine blown saves last year. He didn't cost us anything really. Just some kid who MAY grow up to be big and strong, but no help right now. But I also see it as, we lost Woody too.

Now, it's possible that Hendry is assuming Woody wants big bucks, or more prohibitively, big years, but maybe Woody, being the good Chicago guy he is, write another blank check. Gimme one more year to get through the sale and get your lefty bat, then we'll talk some business.

Maybe, but I don't see it. Well, fare thee well Kerry. This is just the latest in a long line of disappointments coming from your career. If you end up in St. Louis or Milwaukee, I hope you vomit up your own appendix.

Seriously, he better have enough respect to go out of the central division. If not, he's just a bee-otch.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peavy coming to town?

So, it seems the Cubs are becoming the front runners for the Peavy deal AND keeping Dempster. Only problem is, according to some experts, that would likely mean we can't resign wood and go cheap on a left handed right fielder. But is that really what the Cubs need?

Don't get me wrong, I was salivating over that rotation just a couple of weeks ago. But, if I remember correctly, and I'm quite sure I do, let's play a little pretend.

The Cubs get Peavy and send away oh say Pie, Marshall, Marquis (while eating some salary), and say a minor leaguer.

With the rotation of Peavy, Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Harden, and Marmol closing, I'm projecting, all things being equal, the following -

95 games in which the Cubs lead or are tied after 5th inning
25 games in which the lead is lost after the 5th inning
30 games in which long relief is needed, long relief defined as starting nit he 4th inning or earlier.
30 games in which the Cubs come back/win late.
100 wins

Granted this is plus or minus 10%. But what it all adds up to is -

3 more losses in October.
1,000,000 "World Championship" t-shirts destroyed.
And at least another minute in the spotlight before wilting under the pressure...

Blago hypo


"Blagojevich heaped praise on nearly every one mentioned, but refused to name any front-runners and said he hadn't even thought about it yet out of fear he would "jinx" Obama."

Yet this is the same guy who showed up for a Cubs Post season rally before THAT started...So Blago jinxed us? What the heck? You gotta get your priorities straight man. I mean this is the World Series we're talking about...not some stupid election...



Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dempster dipping the proverbial toe in the water...


Dempster Will Test Open Market

So Ryan says he won't sign with the Cubs before other teams have had their say. So, Ryan lemme get this straight - We signed you fresh off of Tommy John, put you in the bullpen into the closer job you wanted, left you there even though the fans wanted you dead (except me and I will argue that til my dying day), and then put you in the rotation like you asked, but F-you, I wanna talk to some other teams?

Tell you what - how about you go work at WalMart (because that's where you would've ended up had we not gotten your crippled a-hole off the scrap heap) for a couple days, then get back to us.

You're going to pitch here little boy. Hendry would be foolish not to sign you. You just want to squeeze as much money out as possible? What exactly can you do with 60 million that you can't do with 50? Greed...It's a deadly sin...

Hendry - Get he Padres on the line!

Think about that for a minute.

Random Thought....

This is my all time favorite joke, and I only get to tell it twice a year, so here ya go -

"And in local news, 17 people were injured today when told to 'Spring ahead, and fall back'..."