Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jimmy - you've got some 'splaining to do...

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. You have been officially called out. What the H-E-Double-Idiot-Sticks are you thinking? From all I've read the conversation went something like this.
"Sorry Wood, we can't pony up the dough for ya, so go, get your big, long-term contract. We'll still respect you in the morning."
"Um actually Jim, my wife and I have talked aobut it and we'd like to stay. If you can't do a long term thing now, I get that. So let's do a year and figure it out next year."
"No really, Woody. we're good here. We'll miss you and we hate to let you walk away..."
"But Jim. Seriously, Whatever you think is fair. it's all good."
"Aww Woody, it hurts so much, but we just can't afford you."
"Ok, so what. Maybe like a mil. How's that sound?"
"Woody, poor poor Woody. You'll be missed. The fans all love you and you're a good closer too. Say hi to Walt for me."
"Jim. how 'bout half mil. how bout the league minimum. Seriously, I've got cash, I'm not worried aobut it."
"'s horrible, we just cant' afford a pitcher of your great skill..."
"Jim. Tell you what. Buy me a Happy Meal, and I'll see you in February. Cool?"
"Oh Woody, I'm so sorry we can't scrape the fund together to keep you."

So really Jim. WTF? Woody offers you not only a 1 year deal, but undoubtedly way below market value, and you piss him away because you got Kevin Gregg? What is the REAL reason you don't want Woody here? We're listening. Speak up. Why did you not sign Wood to a 1 year deal and make our bullpen that much better? Why Jim. Your reasons are bulls@#$. Tell us the real reason. This is far and away the WORST move you have made in your time here, and we just want to know why.

Can you spare us a minute to explain?

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