Sunday, November 22, 2009

We promise - they're NOT windscreens!

Headline: Cubs install sign boards in Wrigley Field bleachers as part of dispute with local casino

In the Windscreens, take 2 saga, the Cubs have erected advertising boards in the left field bleachers. This is in accordeance with Tom Rickett's promise to emulate Boston in generating revenue with signboards. Ok cool. But these signboards happen to fall driectly in the line of sight from every camera to the Budweiser, er I mean horseshoe casino building across the way. And guess what - Good. Screw the rooftops.

I remember seeing pictures of a time when watching a game at Wrigley "from the rooftop" meant a bar-b-que and a deck chair. Now, they have reinfocred roofs, gates, ushers, security, and a freakin' petting zoo. I'm frankly sick of these money grubbers stealing the Cubs product. At least now there's revenue sharing between the rooftops and the Cubs. So, horseshoe - you're screwed. Guy who bought the Horseshoe building - you're screwed. The Cubs have sent a definitive message. We will not allow an immoral act to be advertised during our games. And we mean gambling, not drinking. Drinking's still ok.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tasteless in Cincy...

Headline: Baker and Piniella to headline Redsfest

Really Reds? Really? You're going to invite the current manager of your Central Division rival (man I almost got that out with a straight face - Reds as a "Rival"...snicker...anyway) to come to your "fest" and speak to the dozens of attendees you're expecting? And you can't say it's to celebrate 20 years since the World Series, because that's NEXT year. Oh...and by the way Piniella's contact is up NEXT YEAR. Couldn't you have waited a year until the time that these two things actually made sense?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really upset about this per se, but still guys. C'mon!

Here's hoping a bunch of Cub fans show up...

Friday, November 20, 2009

What Pitching?

So this comes across the rumor wire. Interesting. Some geniuses are saying "The Cubs HAVE pitching...." Oh really? Zambrano? Yeah? Which one is showing up today? Dempster? Really. He's a #3 that has occasional flashes of brilliance. Lilly? Had shoulder surgery which the Cubs say will delay his first start by a few weeks, which in Cubs time means July.

If there's any reason why this trade won't happen - and by the way, it won't - it will be because of two things -

1. No payroll room - Although if you're Ricketts, this guy'll bring in 15 mil in jerseys alone.
2. Nothing to trade for him. Oh yeah - Castro and Vitters and uh....uh.....yeah.

So let's not delude ourselves with this "we have enough pitching" - bullsh*t.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The offseason begins...

As I heard on WSOX last night, and I tend to agree - while the White Sox were busy making improvements to their team by trading for Tehan (as yet unconfirmed) and signing Mark Kotsay, the Cubbies were on a field trip to scenic Mesa driving to random locations in the desert saying "we could build a stadium here" knowing full well they'll be back in the Ho Ho come Feb. Gotta love posturing.

Lilly turns out to be not-so durable. Had surgery on his shoulder which according to the Cubs means he'll miss the first couple of months, ahem! I mean weeks, or the season, which mean Rich Harden just got one more bidder.



More to come in the following minutes...