Friday, November 20, 2009

What Pitching?

So this comes across the rumor wire. Interesting. Some geniuses are saying "The Cubs HAVE pitching...." Oh really? Zambrano? Yeah? Which one is showing up today? Dempster? Really. He's a #3 that has occasional flashes of brilliance. Lilly? Had shoulder surgery which the Cubs say will delay his first start by a few weeks, which in Cubs time means July.

If there's any reason why this trade won't happen - and by the way, it won't - it will be because of two things -

1. No payroll room - Although if you're Ricketts, this guy'll bring in 15 mil in jerseys alone.
2. Nothing to trade for him. Oh yeah - Castro and Vitters and uh....uh.....yeah.

So let's not delude ourselves with this "we have enough pitching" - bullsh*t.

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