Sunday, November 22, 2009

We promise - they're NOT windscreens!

Headline: Cubs install sign boards in Wrigley Field bleachers as part of dispute with local casino

In the Windscreens, take 2 saga, the Cubs have erected advertising boards in the left field bleachers. This is in accordeance with Tom Rickett's promise to emulate Boston in generating revenue with signboards. Ok cool. But these signboards happen to fall driectly in the line of sight from every camera to the Budweiser, er I mean horseshoe casino building across the way. And guess what - Good. Screw the rooftops.

I remember seeing pictures of a time when watching a game at Wrigley "from the rooftop" meant a bar-b-que and a deck chair. Now, they have reinfocred roofs, gates, ushers, security, and a freakin' petting zoo. I'm frankly sick of these money grubbers stealing the Cubs product. At least now there's revenue sharing between the rooftops and the Cubs. So, horseshoe - you're screwed. Guy who bought the Horseshoe building - you're screwed. The Cubs have sent a definitive message. We will not allow an immoral act to be advertised during our games. And we mean gambling, not drinking. Drinking's still ok.

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