Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring training....meh

So Spring Training games are here at last. Words cannot express how happy I am that we can all watch and listen to live baseball again. Words cannot express it, because I simply do not care. These games don't mean anything, and I frankly stress myself out enough during the regular season, so when it comes to Spring training, I really, really don't care. Hang on. Let me try to care.

Nope. Not working. I care about Spring Training games just a hair more than rugby games in the outback between two aboriginal tribes. The only, small, incomprehensible way this affects my life in the slightest is that now the Cubs reporters are back to their full time jobs so there's more to read and digest. But honestly, I won't care until April. That's when I go all in. Wait. I think I feel some excitement building....nope false alarm. Burrito....

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