Monday, April 11, 2011

So What's With the Ex's? Exes? What's the plural of Ex @BruceMiles2112?

Bruce Miles, of the Daily Herald and I are having a little tiff. It's ok. Mommy and Daddy still love you. And to be 100% accurate, I'm tiffing, he probably doesn't give a rat's patoot. So, anyway, this all started with this tweet -

Ex #Cubs Casey McGehee hits 2 R HR off Kerry Wood in the 8th to put Brewers up 6-5

Ok, so I looked it up. Casey McGehee played EXACTLY 9 games for the Cubs in 2008. He posted a line of .167/.160/.208/.368. Yes you read that right. McGehee also plays third base, a position that was pretty darn occupied at the time (You might've heard of the guy we have there). McGehee was a Rule 5 acquisition for the Boo-hoo Crew before the 2009 season. My point is, as I tweeted once -

Can we please stop saying "Casey McGehee's former team"? It's more Felix Pie's former team than McGehee's.

So basically, @BruceMiles2112 is just trying to start some shit. "We had this guy and gave him away," type shit.

Which prompted this tweet yesterday -

@BruceMiles2112 If you're going to insist on calling him "ex-Cubs McGehee", I'm going to call you "Ex-bed-wetter Bruce Miles".

Facts are facts. McGehee was indeed once a Cub, but I'm willing to bet, once upon a time, a teeny weenie Bruce Miles was asleep, cuddling his little spiral notebook, and let fly. We all have. Not a big secret.

So then I wake up this morning and see this -

@oneminutecubs Have at it, then.

Good enough. A little friendly, friendly jabbing. but no, I found, I was blocked. Now, for those of you not familiar, Blocking in twitter is really no big deal. You can still click a person's name and see their feed, and you can still mention them (do the @name thing), so OMC - fire away -

Dear Ex Bed-wetter @BruceMiles2112, I can still read your feed and I can still mention you.

@BruceMiles2112 Blocking me only proves that you have thinner skin than Milton Bradley's mom. Love, OMC #IllTakeUselessGesturesFor100Alex

So, I guess it's on, and frankly kinda stupid if you ask me. I really wouldn't have kept up with the whole Ex Bed wetter thing more than a couple of days, but I was blocked. That, my friends, is a sort of acknowledgment for me. I wouldn't think he'd give a crap, but apparently he does, so good for me. I'll probably keep giving him shit until he unblocks me.

I sure hope Ex Pirate Ramirez, Ex Ray Pena and Ex Ex Ranger, Ex National, Ex Yankee Soriano can power this offense, right @BruceMiles2112?

The part that irks me is he's probably one of the best beat writers for the Cubs. But hey, I'll keep reading his stuff. I just hope he someday realizes that I give people shit. It's just what I do.

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MGb said...

Ok troll, Congratulations. You caught me on a bad day, and spoiled the fun for everyone. You can move along now. This bridge is closed. Everyone else can tell me how brilliant I am or what an idiot I am in 140 characters or less...