Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter meeting wrapup.

According to Musky the Cub: @CarrieMuskat: #cubs leave Winter Meetings with Milton still on roster. Hendry did talk to agents about FA CFs such as Byrd, Ankiel, Podsednik,

So whoopie. The Yankees get Granderson. Rich Harden said Ta-ta for less money than arbitration would've given him. And the Cubbies puleld off the biggest coup by doing absolutely dick. Methinks we are starting to see what Jimmy the Troll is capable of when his precious checkbook is taken away. And that adds up to a big fat nothing.

Seriously Jim. You had ONE job to do while you were there. Stop quibbling and just take Pat Burrell. Send Tampa all the money they want. Or, use my idea.

Didn't think I was serious about that did ya?

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