Friday, December 18, 2009

Buh bye Milt Buh bye

So there's dancing in the streets of Chicago because the Mistake is gone. Yes we're getting Carlos "look at the pretty ball fly away" Silva. But we're also getting $9 million from the M's. Really? That's a $6 million profit. Yes this will likely turn out bad. But really, anyone who thought this Milt saga would end with anyone in Chicago smiling was a foolish fool who never fooled a fool. Like even more foolish that Jim Hendry.

Trading Milt for anything without eating his entire contract was a plus. We actually made $6 million on the deal. As far as I'm concerned that's brilliant! Not exactly Eric Karros for Todd Hundley, but pretty damn close.

Jim, you have not even come close to redeeming yourself in anyone's eyes. But you managed to turn a ridiculously huge clusterf*ck and turn it into a really stupidly big mistake. That is an upgrade for those keeping score.

Now go get a centerfielder, middle infielder and a bullpen arm.

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