Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dagnabbit. I was just thinking to myself that MLB.TV would be a nice christmas present to myself. Watch the games at work, or on the computer when my wife want's to watch something else. Heck, watch them on the netbook while at starbucks, or wherever. I even have a friend in Detroit who can get the package for me, use their CC and they'll have THAT zip code. Sadly though, IP address is used to determine your location as well. But I could use a proxy server to alter my IP address, and maybe I could get around it that way.

Bottom line - if anyone is willing to go to these measures to watch games on their computers, maybe MLB should wake up to the 21st century and re-think this Blackout BS.

Does MLB really think that anyone in the world would rather watch a baseball game on their 8" netbook rather than a 40" plasma? Really? IF IT WAS AN OPTION, WE WOULDN'T NEED MLB.TV.

What a frustrating minute.

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