Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So everyone everywhere is now talking aobut how the Cubs have been "officially" eliminated from playoff contention as of the Rockies win last night (vs. the Boo-hoo Crew no less), and now it's time to accept that it will be 102 years....blah blah blah.

Ok, saying that the Cubs have been "officially" eliminated is like having a 113 year old man diagnosed with pheumonia and saying "Oh my God! He's going to die!" Put another, more sensitive way - it's not like this is a shock to anyone. Now, we'll examine the why's and the how's of it later, but honestly, I threw in the towel back in July, when it became evident that against greater-than-mediocre teams, the Cubs just panicked and buried thier heads in the sand and hoped to not get swept. Even when they touched first place briefly in August, you knew, if they managed to hold it, that they were doomed to another 3 and out performance.

So honestly folks, let's put aside our "shock" and "numbness" that the Cubs have failed - again - and move on to more surprising things. I understand the sky is blue today. Let's all take a minute and look at it.

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