Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Series thoughts...Part Chetire

Cubs vs. White Sox and why I like our chances.

The White Sox live and die with the home run. They have the slowest lineup in baseball, which includes amateur and geriatric leagues. And they're to say the least, inconsistent. when I last heard, the Sox are 6-36 in games where they do not hit a home run. Their outfield defense is questionable, while their infield is pretty tight. They're getting bitten by the injury bug left and right, which is probably the result of decaying body parts by some of the mummies they're propping up at home plate. Crede and Konerko are a sneeze and an 0-fer away from being benched the rest of the season.

Their dangerous hitters are Thome, Quentin and Dye. The Cubs dangerous hitters are Soraino, Theriot, Lee, Ramirez, Soto...well, you get the point.

The Cubs pitching staff is composed of strikeout pitchers - you can't hit home runs if you can't hit the ball. Only Lilly and Marquis would be considered "fly ball" pitchers. Plus, in October, the wind blows in. Base hits and doubles will win the game and with the Sox outfield, that's a LOT of doubles. The Cubs in the second half have proven they can hit on the road. If it comes to it, and neither team is a lock by any stretch, I say Cubs in 5.

Sorry David Kaplan - the Sox are hands down the most beatable team of the AL contenders right now, with the Twins being a close second. David disagreed with the caller on that point.

A minute you asked for and a minute you shall have.

And Rickie Weeks still sucks...:D

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