Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Series thoughts...Part Drei

So the other World Series topic of interest - Cubs Vs. White Sox.

First of all - if it does come to that, and I can't see that happening this year, but all this city would need was Kurt Russel in an eye patch, and you're got yourself a trilogy.

From what I gathered was "If you knew the Cubs would lose the world series to the White Sox, would you want them to go?" No, and here's my argument:

If I knew the Cubs would lose the world series against ANYBODY, I wouldn't want them to go. I'd rather spend my fall nights watching CSI. This isn't a White Sox thing, it's a Cubs losing thing. I would not want to put myself in that agony. Does the White Sox add another dimension? Sure. But it doesn't change my vote.

Right now is an exciting time is Chicago baseball, with two first place clubs in mid August. The White Sox are hanging on by their finger tips, but there they are. I'm not sure either the Sox or the Twins can keep this pace all the way to October. Frankly, I like the Cubs chances against either team - but I don't know a whole lot about the AL, so I can't be considered a reliable source. The next minute talks about why...

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