Thursday, August 21, 2008


Z did not have his good stuff today, but he did have a cracked tooth. Listen to me - coming from someone who has suffered a plethora of dental anomalies, this is no small thing. Good for you Z that you stayed out there. Strike 3 for Woody was a gift call, but hey, the Cubs won the series - 7th straight - so it's all good.

Corey Patterson looked lost out in center field today. Kinda sad to see. In the Reds lineup, who's batting below Mr. Mendoza? Paul Bako and Corey Patterson. Who's in the lineup anyway? Yep you guessed it. Got a couple of things to discuss in future postings, but over all, another 1/2 game up, and another page off the calendar.

The minute fades back, he shoots, he SCORES!

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