Saturday, August 9, 2008

Make it official Part Deux

So here's another thing I've never put in black and white:

Edmonds was a good sign.

Yeah yeah, he was a Cardinal, blah blah. The point is, he's a cheap date. I think the Cubs are paying him $250K or some ridiculously small amount like that. He was and still is a no risk-high reward signing. Now don't get me wrong - when the worst hitting team in baseball looks at you and says "nuh-uh - that won't do..." ok there's issues. But a nice change of scenery has resurrected careers before. And if he didn't work out after a few weeks, "thanks Jim. 'Preciate it buddy." and everyone goes home happy.

Now, some of you will say "Oh, he's only saying this because he's been so hot recently." Not true. from day 1 - and I was at that game BTW, I've been saying this. I did NOT boo when he first came out to center, nor when he took his first AB. What I did do, was bet a buddy of mine that if he went 2-4 in the game, would he then lick my shorts. He did not take the bet, Edmonds did not go 2-4, and he did not lick my shorts, but ever since a flurry of txt messages have been exchanged. It's all in good fun, but the guy was a good pickup, who has turned out to be a pretty darn good pickup. Not great yet, but I am digging the Johnson/Edmonds platoon.

Edmonds is an ugly ba$7ard BTW...

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