Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twin killing...

I knew Atlanta was pretty bad this year but sheesh! The only thing more brutal than the beating the Cubs gave the Brave - on the road no less - was the tongue lashing I got from my wife for watching two - yes two - games in one day. Since I have to yield the rest of my TV priveledges for the rest of tonight, I figure I'll write up a post.

Marquis threw halfway decent. got himself out of a couple of jams today. Good defensive play getting to first on a shot hit past Lee and almost past DeRosa. Harden looked kinda human today. Certainly not the dominating performance we got the first four starts. But he gets the W, so all's well.

The big story today/tonight was the bats. Up and down the lineup, just hit after hit after hit. Great to see. Maybe these guys have figured out how to hit on the road. Against rookies yes, but I've mentioned in previous posts, rookie seem to give the Cubs trouble.

Overall a pretty happy day, except the Brewers are currently beating the bejesus out of the Padres, so we only gain 1/2 game...considering we lost 1/2 game yesterday, that's not all that encouraging.

One more tomorrow, and that's the way the minute crumbles...

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