Friday, August 29, 2008

Top ten ways to spot a band wagon jumper...

10. Ask them who was the starting center fielder for Day 1 - Felix Pie baby... yeah...
9. Mention how you can't believe the Cubs have been in first place all season...WRONG!
8. Comment on how Lilly really needs to get back to first half form to make a real push for the playoffs...Um yeah...we really need him to get that ERA back up to 5 1/2.
7. Brag about how we crushed the Nationals in their own ballpark...2 of 3 - LOST
6. Boast about Fukudome's game winning homer in the home opener...Trick question - he only tied the score...lost in 10.
5. Talk about that long losing streak in May and how the Cubs are just one more away from losing the whole thing...Cubs didn't lose 3 in a row until Tampa Bay. Haven't lost more than 4 in a row all season.
4. Bring up how bad the Brewers defense and bull pen are and this is why they'll never catch us...Ok, this is actually true and REALLY fun to talk about!
3. Ask where if they saw the game in Japan...Maybe, like 4 years ago!
2. I actually ran out of good ideas around #6...but it seemed like a fun thing to do...
1. Ask them if they're going to try for Wrigley WS tickets for Games 1 and 2, when they can get off to a good start, or 6 and 7 when they can finish it off...Then smack them when they answer...

Ok, I'l ladmit it...some of these sucked...but then, so does Rickie Weeks.

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