Monday, August 25, 2008

Wakey Wakey Fukudome

Is he back ladies and gentlemen? Maybe...a 3 hit performance tonight. Finally got out of the slump (It's not a srump - that's not racist - It's a quote from MR. Baseball, Tom Selek). Turns out Piniella knows how to hit. Also turns out I've been spelling Piniella's name wrong for a couple months now..:)

So Fuku is no longer slumping. At least for the last two games. Still a BIT premature to think he'll be back to early season form, but gawd what a lineup if he is...I'm really interested to see where this goes the next couple of days...

And by the way - Take THAT Karstens!

Side note: A.J. - smart baseball move. the ump bought it. Good for you. Bush league? Yes. Winning baseball? YES. What ever it takes boys. whatever it takes. Still think you're scum, but man you got some baseball brains in there...

That was supposed to be a minute, but I flopped on my butt and turned it into a triple.

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