Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brewers rumble....

So Prince and Parra got into it last night. Took five guys to hold down the fat ba@!#$. Starting to fray around the edges are we brew-crew?

Actually, kinda reminds me of the Zambrano/Barrett title fight last year, only without the trip to the hospital. Having said that, this means that either:
A. The pressure is getting to this young team.
B. We've just seen the beginning of the end for the Cubs.
C. It don't mean diddly.

Personally, I'm hoping for A, but realistically, it's prolly C.

On a side note - it must suck to be a Brewers fan. The Brewers have been bottom dwellers for a couple of decades and now that they've actually got a good team, here come the Cubs.

Always the bridesmaid, never another minute...

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