Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sorry so late for this one. I didn't get a chance to watch or even listen to the game much last night. No problem. Comcast is rebroadcasting.. bwah hah! Watching now. Here's what I heard tho. Harden was pretty much unhittable through seven - I'm sorry did you say seven? Yes seven. No really SEVEN??? Like two more than five? Yes really seven. I don't believe you. I'll check the box score....holy crap seven - innings.

Turns out it was actually 7 innings.. how bout that eh? Cool. Now apparently Votto did something to really mess up int he 8th, but I didn't see it, so I'll have to see that today, but I LOVE the fact that it resulted in 4 runs.

Dusty? Really? The is this like so you have an excuse when you can't win a game? Patterson? Hairston Jr? Really? Wow...Good luck with that.

Just because this one bears repeating -

"Can I have a minute please with a side order of "I suck"? --Rickie Weeks.

I freakin' love that!!!

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