Thursday, August 21, 2008

World Series thoughts...Part Deux

So what's the answer? Cory Provus said "Soriano" I'd be inclined to agree, but only slightly. Yes Soriano has more power and a better average. However, Soriano is a historically bad post-season player IIRC. I don't have the numbers in front of me, But Edmonds against a righty pitcher makes good sense to me, but once again it comes down to we needs more detail.

I'm crapping my pants if it gets there anyway, so maybe it's irrelevant. The main question being asked here, which is REALLY the question that should've been asked int he first place is, who would you turn to more in the clutch.

If the Cubs need a HR to tie/win, then I'm going with Soriano. If a base hit/double will do the job, maybe I'll look into it a bit more. How have both guys performed thus far? If you're going by last year's post season, Soriano sucked donkey balls, along with the rest of the team in October. Maybe this year is different.

Just ask the right question and this isn't an issue. And what the heck are you still doing up?? Go to bed! There's a curfew for God's sake...

A minute for your thoughts...

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