Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Spin" of the day

Headline: Cubs freeze 33 percent of ticket prices

Umm, that means they're raising 67 percent of ticket prices. Oh and adding a new "price tier". So let's recap the price tiers:

Economy - We recognize that everyone in baseball has cheap prices every now and again, so we'll give you 3-5 games - but only when the temperature is below 50 degrees and it's so cold, your only possibility of relief is drinking yourself warm and numb.

Regular - This is our normal price structure. Yes, these games only happen before June and after August, but it's "Normal"

Premium - June - August, otherwise known as the only really great time to coem out and watch a game. There are more premium games, than normal games. Wouldn't that make this "normal" then?

New Tier - Also known as the "Second Mortgage Tier" - You didn't actually want to come see one of these games did you? No problem, just skip a car payment or two, and come on out to the old ballpark.

All White Sox games will be in this last tier BTW. Try and hide your surprise. For a minute at least...

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