Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawk in the Hall and other alliterations...

Andre Dawson was annouced today as the only inductee in today's vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Some notable exclusions include Roberto Alomar and Burt Blylevin. This is by the way, the only commentary you'll hear today about the HoF induction. Andre Dawson actually making it in is the afterthought. But of course, he played for the Cubs and will probably be wearing the hat of a team that no longer exists, or the pariah of the national sports media scene.

The exclamation point to this absurdidty came from the Boers and Bernstein show (hereafter referred to as "dipshit and dork") on WSOX. One caller called in with the audactiy to question the lofty D&D's derision of Dawson's induction, and was promptly screamed at, in typical D&D fashion and hung up on. Finally, Bernstein made the comment that the Hall of Fame "no longer has any meaning" to him and how "they'll let anybody in". Excuse me, but Mark McGuire and Manny Ramirez tend to disagree.

Now I apologize that no White Sox players worthy of induction retired up to 20 years ago, let alone 5, but still, please just acknowledge a great player and go on with your pointless Bears ramblings about a new offensive coordinator and the same ineffective line.