Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ryno's hissy fit

Ryno made it official recently. If the Cubs can't see how awesome he is, and if they don't think 4 long hard arduous years in the minor makes him ready to manged Superstars, well they can just go bugger off.

I suspected after initially getting passed over that Ryno was outti15000, but I suspected that after he looked around and saw the barren wasteland that was his managerial opportunities, he might realize that 4 years ain't "paying your dues". It's barely a down payment of paying your dues.

Obviously, Mike Quade has more experience managing in both the minors and in the majors. But is he a fukken
Hall of Famer? I think not.

So in the words of what Lou Piniella would say:

"Look, ahh, son. I understand that you might think people don't like you, but ahhh, it's not that at all. It's just that you need to get some time under your belt and ahhh get out there and play, I mean manage the damn game, dude,"

Dusty? Where did you come from?

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