Saturday, January 31, 2009

Now, let's examine this left handed obsession

So Jim Hendry and Lou Piniella, both of whom have done good jobs since coming here, we need a left handed bat. In fact, it seems we need as many as possbile - Aaron Miles - switch hitter, Milton Bradley - switch hitter, Paul Bako - left handed hitter. So we've got them. I've questioned every one of them.

Miles is NOT DeRosa.
Bradley played 20 games in the OF last year
Bako - well, he's just Paul Freakin' Bako.

Cost wasn't a factor -
Henry Blanco - 750,000
Paul Bako - 750,000
Bear in mind the 2008 stats are skewed buy Bako having 170 more AB's than Blanco - AVG/OBP/SLG -
Blanco 2008 - .292/.325/.392
Bako 2008 - .217/.299/.328
More hits, more walks, more power
Ohh but look at the career stats -
Blanco Career - .227/.289/.364
Bako Career - .231/.305/.317
A whopping .004 higher BA. Woot!
Now, here's the REALLY fun part -
Blanco vs LHP - .316/.350/.421
Bako vs LHP - .240/.240/.408
Ok makes sense - Blanco is a righty, so of course.
Blano vs RHP - .316/.350/.421
Bako vs RHP - .224/.315/.303
Holy Crap! But Bako's a LEFTY. and lefties hit righties better right??
Wrong.... last thing.

Blanco - Mentor to the upcoming star Geovani Soto
Bako - Stands on the "correct" side of the plate.


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