Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miller Park South???,cubs-brewers-amtrak-021209.article

The first 100 Brewers fans who buy tickets to the Cubs’ Sept. 17 game at Wrigley Field will get a free, round-trip ride to Chicago on Amtrak.

The Brewers call the promotion Miller Park South.


You're, um, kidding right? Let's make one thing perfectly clear -

100 fans may be a significant boost to your little team's attendance up there. Down here, 100 fans is the line to the bathroom. You think you can box up 100 peons and send them COD to our town and, what, you think there will be a difference? Please. You've been drinking a bit too much of your sponsor up there kiddies.

Let us know when you wanna play with the big boys. I'll stop laughing in a minute...

P.S. Rickie Weeks is still on your payroll? Silly Beotches...

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