Friday, February 27, 2009

Manny F#$%$& Ramirez...

Ok seriously....this Manny crap has to stop. 45 million dollars for two years - and he doesn't even have to cut his hair. The Dodgers are negotiating against themselves and that never ends well (cough cough Soriano cough) so seriously, the Dodgers need to cut bait and run. "Screw you Manny. You wanna dick us around, then KMA you dread locked freak. Go ahead - see how much the Giants can throw at you with no one else bidding..."

Yes Manny is a game-changer. And yes, he automatically makes just about any team a contender. But no, Virginia, you don't get to dick around the only team that actually wants you. It's attitude and baggage like this that got Bonds out of the sport. Granted Manny's head isn't several hat sizes too big, but the relative attitude is not something that should be tolerated.

Manny shut up and sign up. You whiny freakin' baby.

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