Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey OMC, where ya been?

Well, loyal reader, a couple of things have contributed to my lack of content.

A. The Cubs suck - to be honest, how many different way do I need to say it. This team has become so irrelevant, it's been frankly hard to write about. Kudos to Carrie Muskat (Muskie the Cub), Gordon Whittenmeyer (Gordo), Paul Sullivan (Sully, known to other bloggers as "I hate you"), and Bruce Levine (Haven't come up with a nickname for him yet) fro writing about the crappy team, day after day.

B. Life has gotten in the way - work, family health, and all manner of What the Fuck-edness has been just ripping my life to shreds and sucking down my free time like Tony LaRussa on a bender.

C. Tacos. They're yummy. And kinda irrelevant to this conversation.

So there you have it. I'll write, but in the meantime, you can follow me of twitter: or if you're geekily inclined my official Palm fanboy/Geenral technology twitter account:

Meantime, just take a valium and a few muscle relaxants, and try to muscle through this crappy season with your head attached.

1 comment:

Jake Moore said...

Cubs suck today. Cubs sucked yesterday. Cubs will suck tomorrow. It's nice in a world of so much uncertainty to know that one thing for sure.