Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For whom the bell rings....

So if you're like me, you've probably forgotten that there's baseball going on right now. Yes, there is. Sorta. Nobody I give a rat's butt about is playing, so I could care less, but then we'd be talking about soccer. So I heard something like this on the radio once, and I've been kicking around this random thought for a while now and I thought I'd share it with you both, er, I mean all.

A Ringer Draft.

It is exactly what it sounds like - A Ringer Draft. Each postseason, after the final game has been played, each team in the post season gets to "Draft" one player from a non-contending team to join their team as part of the roster. This can be any player - position or pitcher to be used as seen fit. There are a few rules:

1. Teams choose from best record to worst - Wild Card teams pick last. The best teams get the best players, period.
2. The team selecting the player pays that player's salary, including any missed time that may come from an injury. If Albert Pujols goes down with a torn ACL, the Yankees pay for his DL time too.
3. Drafting a ringer is optional, because...
4. The "Ringer" replaces one man on the 25 man roster. Someone's getting left out.
5. The Ringer, and the Ringer's team must both consent to the draft.
6. A portion of postseason revenues goes to the team who is lending out said player.

There are obviously more rules and regs that would follow, but it might make things a touch more interesting for fans of teams the ringers come from. I know I'd pay at elast a little attention of Marmol went to the Rangers or something similar. and I know what you're all thinking - What a STUPID idea. I mean what if one of your players got hurt while playing in a game that meant nothing to their team? It's not like this is the All-Star game or anything...

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