Monday, October 4, 2010

Off season moves - The Manager

Best case scenario - Joe Girardi
Worst Case Scenario - Ryne Sandberg
What'll probably happen - Mike Quade

Yes, I said it. Sandberg is the worst-case scenario, but maybe not for the reason you think. Here's the deal. Sandberg is universally loved throughout Cubdumb and managers, especially managers hired during rebuilding years, are hired to be fired. Ryno hasn't proven himself a winner in AAA yet, let alone at the big-boy table. He hasn't even coached in the show yet, and 90% of the idiots out there are ready to hand him the keys to the castle.

Joe Girardi has proven that he can win with kids - Marlins, and with seasoned professionals - New York, is a media powder keg with a merciless owner. He also is a local boy with Cubbie ties and is close enough to please the unwashed masses with his Cubbie charm. He is also not an idiot and knows that the Cubs will not contend next year, or probably the year after. Therefore leaving the Yankees and going to the Cubs would be like hopping off a cruise liner to go sailing in a dinghy - with holes in it.

Therefore, we will likely end up with Quade, who despite his ridiculous insistence on letting Bobby Scales get dressed, seems to have a handle on this team - in September. But honestly, the teams they've faced - the Cardinals, Giants, Padres - have all been serious cookies, and the Cubs have handled themselves decently - not great, and not really good either, but decently.

Should be an interesting off season -

Next up, first base.

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