Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey folks, listen up, cuz I'm only gonna say this once.

I'm a blogger, not a journalist, and barely a "writer" though I do use the English language better than a lot. I don't have a press pass, I don't have any inside contacts, and the longest conversation I've ever had with an athlete was Mark Grace when I was 12 ("Hi!" "How are you?"). So everything I say is baseless. None of it has any substance and for the most part, unless I quote statistics, I don't even research this stuff. Most of what I say is my opinion based on what I see on TV or hear on the radio. Nothing more. If ever there comes a time that I do have anything of substance to report, I will probably die of shock and I WILL cite my sources.

Meantime, enjoy the dialogue, and by dialogue, I mean the posts, and by posts I mean...yeah.

One thing I can say for certain tho - Rickie Weeks does indeed suck - and suck a lot.

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