Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Lou going ni-ni.

So I guess I'm a Cubs blogger, so I better write aobut this. It's just that. I just don't care. Talk about records and legends and yadda yadda, he's just another guy that didn't get the job done. Was it his fault? Not entirely, but I won't say his hands were completely tied either. I'm not going to spend this post going over his mistakes (left handed bat), just like I won't go over his career accomplishments (1990), just like I won't speculate who is next in line (Girardi). What I will say is, Lou was entertaining at times, frustrating at others, and pretty much was as ineffecive a manager as you can get.

Did Lou win back-to-back pennants? Sure. But the 140+ million dollar payroll helped too. Soto having a ROY season, Soriano not being hurt, and Lee having a career year helped too. So, whatever. Happy retirement Lou. I won't miss you. I won't cry over your departure. I probably will cry if they hire Ryne Sandberg in your stead, but that's another story...

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