Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hockey Disclaimer

This is a standard disclaimer which needs to be attached to any and all statements both written and oral that I may amke about hockey or the Blackhawks.

I know d*ck about hockey. I have a basic understanding of the rules and can describe what what icing is - kinda, and I watched most of the Blackhawks games last year. It is there that my hockey expertise ends. I can tell you why the Cubs have been scuffling to score runs, using terms like "RISP", "Ramirez", and "Suck" all with a deep understanding of the game and a tangible line of thinking. When it comes to hockey, I can tell you who shot a goal and that it went into the net. Beyond that, I got nothin' Sometimes, I don't even know it went in the net. So, what this all leads to is this -

Whenever I say anything about hockey, you have to mentally assume I'm attaching "or so I've heard" at the end, unless what I'm saying is so outrageously stupid it defies logic in which case you can assume it's my own.

Thank you.

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