Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My lineup, FWIW

So, based on the performance of players today, and based loosely on past performance, here's the lineup I would trot out there -

Theriot - This isn't so much a choice as a lack of options. I would also tell him to never drive the ball again.

Lee - Lee used to be the best hitter on the team, and by all rights, by now he should've heated up by now. He hasn't. He has it within him to be more of a patient and situational hitter, so the two hole should be accomodating for that.

Byrd - Byrd has been the best hitter on this team hands down for the season. Your best hitter hits third. Period.

Soriano - Soriano is the best power bat we have, except for Colvin - he's next. Soriano has been far better than he was last year - he's not hurt, but still not your ideal #4 guy. I'm hesitant to insert Colvin into the 4 slot though, so for now Sori it is.

Colvin - All this dude does is hit. Part time, full time, Pinch hit, whatever, he's ready to perform. He's certainly done better then the Right field flop we were so excited about - how are those headband sales going anyhow?

Ramirez - He's sucked. Put him after Colvin where it'll be harder for him to screw things up. When you start hitting again, we'll talk.

Soto - Soto has not lived up to expectations. In 2008 he hit here because everyone else was so much better. Unfortuantely, that's still the case.

Castro - Castro lit up the league for his first month and since has started to come back to earth. As long as he is abel to maintain discipline with pitch selection, he will be fine as a #8 hitter. The only other real slot he could fill would be leadoff, but the Cubs have killed too many rookie players there...

So there it is. Feel free to rip away. Plenty to go around.

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Maxdout38 said...

I'll go for that lineup.....