Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflections on F$^$%^$ Pittsburgh

Things we know -
- Lou doesn't
- If not for the Pirates, the Cubs would be above .500
- If not for the PIRATES, the Cubs would be above .500
- If not for the fact that the Cubs are playing like lost seahorses, they Cubs would be above .500

Things we suspect -
- Aramis is hurt
- Aramis is F%$^$%^$ HURT!
- Lou doesn't know
- The Pirates are going to make sweet ass love to us when the season is over.

Things Lou doesn't know -
- Apparently anything.

The Pirates continued their feeding frenzy on the Cubs rotting corpse over the last two days. Fortunately, dessert was called on account of rain. The Cubs will undoubtedly allow the Buc-heads to finish the sweep when they play their makeup game on Monday. Or they won't because at this point, it matter less and less. My personal expectations for this team have managed to drop even lower. I now expect nothing from this team, except 3 hours of frustration on a daily basis for the next 4 months. Anything more is a bonus, and anything less is not possible.

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