Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No, Lou. You haven't done Everything. Rated R.

Recently, Lou was quotes saying "I've done everything I can do." Here's my answer to that -

You know what Lou? You haven't done everything you can do. You want to know what else you can do? Sit down players that make butt-fuck shithead errors like Sorry I Suck just did to kill a rally. With 0 outs, Dipshit made a break for home without first making sure the fly ball hit the fucking ground. And then he had the balls to go ask for his glove.

In my world, motherfucker's sitting his ass down. Kosuke can go in and not hit. It's that simple. By not punishing stupid ass dumbfuck shit like this, you're fucking condoning it. Have your players accept some fucking responsibility. You'll still lose the fucking game, but at least you'll have the respect of the fans for doing what should be fucking done.

Soriano had NO BUSINESS going back out on the field after that mother of all fuck ups.

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