Monday, June 28, 2010

Reflections on Chicago, the no-seriously edition

Things we know -
- Carlos Zambrano is a lunatic - This should be filed under "Things we already knew"
- Nothing he did on Friday was a surprise, or even all that new
- He's still the greatest pitcher that'll never be

Things we suspect -
- Jim Hendry is determined to set a record for most suspensions in one tenure
- He's already gotten the record for most crappy FA contracts in one tenure
- The Cubs are allowed to play exactly one good baseball game per week.

So the BP cup shall reside onthe South side of Chicago for at least a year and no one who doesn't have BP in the upper left hand corner of their paycheck gives a crap. actually Sox fans probably do so, let's just say no one who matters cares. The big story though was Zambrano, wo finally flipped his lid, and I have to say he probably lasted a month longer than most thought he would. On the plus side, this freak out did not involve Gatorade or instant messaging, so it's nothing that several hundred hours of therapy won't fix. Of course, he'll be getting that therapy in a different city thanks to Jimmy and Lou's knee-jerk overreaction.

My minute's up for now, but there's sooooo much more to discuss....

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