Saturday, June 26, 2010

So, ummmmmm, wha?

I don't get it. I really don't. I heard it. I saw it. I don't get it.

What did Zambrano do to get a suspension? I heard it on the radio, and heard post game comments, so I was intrigued. I DVR'd the replay of the game last night. I watched it this morning and what I saw wasn't even close to the way I heard it described. From what it looked like, Zambrano stomped back into the dugout, yelling out loud at no one. Then, DLee looked like he shouted something and Zambrano came back and shouted back at him. At some point in there, he threw over a water cooler.

So, uhhhh, what's the problem? That's not even the worst thing he's done this (calendar) year. There's a certain Gatorade dispenser residing in a VA hospital right now that can attest to that. So, um, why the hell is he suspended? Sure he's sucked on the mound, but that's not unique to this season. Sure he was volatile and uncontrollable, but that's not new.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't agree with what he did. And, I don't know what he said to Lee. Maybe he said "C'mon you monkey funky! Get's get at it right here mammer jammer! You're daddy was a troll and your mother smelled of Elderberries!" in which case, ok, you send him home. Zambrano even came back out into the dugout and was ready to pitch the next inning. He sat not 6 feet away from Derrek Lee for several minutes. They didn't look mad at each other.

What it seems to boil down to is, Lou is sick of Z and wants him gone. Jimmy took the opportunity to suspend him to make him want to waive his no trade clause so Jimmy can pay 85% of his salary to go pitch for the Angels, or wherever. Zambrano is the new Stevie Eyre. Welcome to the Lou hates you Club. Last time Jim was forced to dump baggage of behalf of Lou, that baggage got a ring. Just sayin'.

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ChezhdChick said...

Perhaps this is simply the straw that broke the camels back. Plus, he supposedly went after reporters outside The Cell after he was sent home. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. The suspension was probably a result of ALL his antics and the Cubs (rightfully so) being sick of them. As a Cubs fan, I was embarrassed to see that, and in all places, to have him do that in the freaking Cell, in front of douchebag White Sox fans? Inexcusable.